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Whats the best NDS emulator?

If i want to play NDS roms onn my computer, whats the best emulator for me to use. I had one once which really slowed down my computer so that nothing could work.

Thanks for the help!

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    You should use DeSmuME or try iDeaS and you know emulators are illegal i'm pretty sure but yeah those are good

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    I believe that no$gba is not the best one!

    I think you should download this all in one emulator collection for ds and gba. After you install it, then you should open the 'no2' emulator. it's very great and i bet u it's better than no$gba. Some people cannot play nds rom that require us to blow the microphone, but this nds emulator collection can fix the problem. You can even link by using the emulator.

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    ive gave this answer to other questions of the same manner and it usually helps

    Go to emulator then go on the ds portion of emulators download no$ ds emulator then download a rom ds rom from get your then when its downloaded (may need extracting) boot up the emulator and choose your rom it may say error or something like that so go onto emulation options go down on the left 6 boxes and choose eeprn 64bytes click ok reset the emulation then it should work

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    No$Gba for the emulator. It's good and free, but you should donate, as the programmer is a legend. Torrent sites for Roms. You'll get tons of them at once with minimum fiddling about.

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    The best Nintendo DS emulator is NO&GBA.

    I also know that the best Game Boy emulator is VisualBoyAdvance.

    Be sure to have BitTorrent installed before trying to play a game on those emulators.

    Download games from ThePiratesBay or 4shared.

    Hope it helped :)

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    I recomend iDeaS it's the best!!!

    NO&GBA sucks!!! has an entire section of NDS emulators, and NDS rom are easy to find just use google.

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