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How to I get a cool gothic lolita hairstyle?

I am from Japan and in gr. 8. I want to become a gothic lolita girl next year in highschool because it looks really cool and it reminds me of my life in Japan. My moms from Japan and my dads from here. I got my skin and face from my mom but my hair type from my dad. I have straight hair but it's really retarded and sometimes it goes kind of wavy. Because of the fact that I have kind of fine hair and wavy I can't have any type of bangs because they curl up and look stupid on me. I want to get my hair done in november so that it can grow longer and look nicer for nxt september. does any1 have any gothic lolita hairstyles without bangs? (pictures please, and none on photobucket) thnx,


Also im not allowed to get bangs so theres no way i can. and does anyone have any tips on how to get the clothes and where? im willling to make some of my own but are there any shops in toronto that have gothic lolita clothing or certain areas?

Update 2:

I cant have any highlights or lowlights or streaks or anything and my hair is 3 inches past my shoulder.

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    Oh wow, youre pretty close to my city ( which is hamilton).

    there are lots of lolita shops in toronto, but first off..

    for a hairstyle i recommend simple layers and getting you're hair thinned, its much easier to work with long hair and you should be grateful you have that : )

    after you get a style -- for when your hair goes wavy try straightening with straightener or blow drying it straight is you would like it straight. use a cool setting on a hairdryer after wards.

    if you want your hair wavy then you should use a very light and small amount of hair mousse, or use a hot tool that's for waving or crimping your hair, i also recommend teasing your hair when doing it wavy. again with a cool setting from a hair dryer.

    you state your hair goes hard manageable on you so maybe you should try a new helping hair product, lots are out there, it might be good to research online a bit for ones that may help you.

    When styling your hair:

    as long as you don't put your hair up,

    one of the biggest mistakes you can make

    lolita girls in fashion are supposed to hair their hair straight, wavy, or curled. never up.

    in most styles the idea is to look natural and obviously like a doll.

    ive only seen black , bleached blonde and orange, and brunette hair. usually curly or straight.

    what i do for my own hair is i use a 1 inch and a half curler.

    i usually do it up to the point that the curls are mostly at the bottom (my ends),

    and then i hairspray my hair upside down with pressurized hairspray,

    and then ill brush it out lightly.

    sometimes ill tease it.

    and when i was younger and wasn't as experienced i just went on youtube and found tutorials and that really helped.

    this is what my hair looked like when i did that to it :

    and the photo i use as a main, the curls weren't as heavy,

    you can also try this site for practically anything you need to know about lolita fashion:


    in toronto,

    some stores are:

    Plastik Wrap‎

    2235 Dundas St W, Toronto,

    ON M6R 1X6‎ - (416) 778-4967‎

    Kensington Fruit Market‎

    292 Spadina Ave, Toronto,

    ON M5T 2E7‎ - (416) 593-0616‎

    also you could check a cosplay shop.

    For other lolita clothing..

    making lolita clothing:

    most materials used are:

    ~chemical Fiber *

    ~Cotton *

    ~Synthesis lining*

    ~Satin (hard to work with when sewing

    so i wouldn't recommend unless your experienced)

    for how much you use or purchase or make is up to you

    it depends on the dresses size and style.

    if your less experienced i wouldn't consider using

    much fabric as i would stick to a more simple dress,

    in order to avoid making your lolita clothing look cheap and cosplayish avoid flooding it with bows and frills unless under certain genre of lolita, also avoid making your dress shiny and have cat ears kinda of stuff.

    for finding a pattern either design your own or look at dresses that are photo'd on the internet on lolita sites or ebay

    you can also find at milanoo. (google them if you want).

    make sure you look at photos of dresses that are sold professionally for ideas if you plan on making your own dress.


    then my favourite websites are these: ( cheap and gorgeous) ( you can design your own)

    for online stores they almost all and always will ship international. you can usually choose the colors they use and you can send in your own measurements.

    if you want help with anything what-so-ever you can email me

    or just try searching for articles online of what you want help with.

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    Gothic Hair Style

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    I have usually thought blonde was beautiful, i will certainly always think the same.

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