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Is sheriff joe arpaio breaking the law?

There is so much news coverage and controversy around this arizona sheriff lately, so is he following the rules when he conducts his immigration raids? what about all if his other work like chain gangs etc..? It doesn't even sound legal.

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    He's not under Federal Investigation for being an innocent angel!

    Joe has got to go!

    FBI is investigating the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for possible civil rights violations committed during his immigration sweeps. According to news reports, the FBI has been looking into the Sheriff's actions long before Mayor Phil Gordon asked them to do so in a letter sent on April 4. This is in addition to the close monitoring of the MCSO by the Department of Justice (DOJ). DOJ spokeswoman Carolyn Nelson said in July that officials were monitoring the sheriff's office's illegal immigration enforcement operation last month.

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    Plain and simple:

    Joe is the most popular elected official in the state and federal governments. And that includes obama, pelosi, nappy, etc.! He must be doing something right!

    Joe has been investigated virtually continuously for the last 17 years. He is still here! The Feds have found nothing! But as soon as they are finished one investigation they start another because some pro-criminal group starts crying!

    Immigration raids? Criminal raids is closer! He is arresting criminals! That's what a law enforcement officer is suppose to do(unlike George Gascón). In AZ over 50% of the crimes are committed by Mexican nationals in the US illegally! Why does he arrest so many Mexicans? Because they are the ones committing the crimes! It is NOT racially motivated! If they were not committing the crimes he would not be arresting them! Why can't the pro-criminal groups understand this?

    Chain gangs are voluntary! Rather than being the source of public humiliation that critics claim, chain gangs are a hit with the inmates. The Office always has more requests for the chain gang than it can fill. This Sheriff’s chain gang is a win-win program. Even a reporter who posed as a chain gang inmate said the work is bearable, not in-humane.

    Here in AZ we have a number of crooked politicians! When he investigates them for their wrong doings they cry foul! Take for instance Mesa ex-chief of police George Gascón who allowed illegal aliens access to all city and police files on all the citizens in Mesa and when people complained did nothing to stop it! But when the people realize that Gascón would not do anything they went to see Joe! Joe conducted a raid. Gascón complained that the raid put Mesa citizens "at risk"! At risk of what? Having their identities NOT stolen by illegal, immoral, criminal invaders?

    In other words GO JOE!

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    I'm not sure why enforcing our laws doesn't sound legal to you but that is what he is doing. The feds are pissed off because he's making them look bad. How much crime is being committed while the feds waste their time and efforts on Joe? He should be suing the hell out of all the people preventing him doing his job.

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    Sheriff Joe is Phoenix, hes right and the attacks on him prove it.

    It is illegal to work,employ,shelter,aid and abet anyone without that person having proper legal documentation of ones right to be in the US.

    Joe will not only survive these biased attacks,he will become an even greater force in the enforcement of this nations laws.

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    Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one true American patriot, I hope he continues with his work

    Sheriff Joe is right! no matter what the LaRaza morons and other heart-bleeding liberals say.

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    Give me an example. Immigration raids are legal; many places having a bleeding heart for those poor illegals and don't do them anymore. Chain gangs are also legal in many places. Perhaps if that psycho killer in California or out west was taken to the fair on chains, he wouldn't have been able to escape. What would you like to do with them--give them candy on their pillows at bedtime?

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    YES HE IS! and that's why the FBI is on his case now. Let's hope they take him down, so Phoenix can get someone in charge that will keep their residents safe by going after the real criminals, and not just hard workers and taco vendors.

    Sheriff Joe is being accused of intimidating his apponents.

    Sources: FBI Investigating Joe Arpaio

    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Actions 'Absolutely Unacceptable,' Former US Attorney Says

    PHOENIX -- The FBI is looking into accusations that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is using his position to settle political vendettas.

    Over the past year, 5 Investigates examined more than two dozen complaints against the sheriff from business owners, government workers, mayors and law-enforcement officials.

    They claim they spoke out against Arpaio, and shortly after, deputies paid them unwelcome visits.

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    No he is not breaking the law.The mexicans are criminals as soon as they cross the border without papers.Here in Texas we shoot them from hilltops when they are still in the

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    I find it funny that his hill billy supporters say that he's an innocent man, when he has hundreds of law suits against him, and the Feds are on his trail. Lets hope we see him go!

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    Arpaio is following the law.

    It is the Feds and the Senators who want to DICTATE to him HOW and WHICH laws he should uphold that is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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