a good place to travel for a young single woman?

i need some time away to sort out my head, but i only have a week and not a great deal of money to spend. im thinking quiet, picturesque and obv safe as i'll be alone.any suggestions please???

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    Where are you? UK ,USA?

    If UK, then Slovenia would be lovely for you. It's a beautiful country with lovely people, good manners, and is very safe for a lady travelling alone.

    English is widely spoken all over Slovenia.

    A wonderful place to relax, get refreshed, and get some visual stimulation from the sea and the lakes and the mountains, the cosy architecture, and the sweet girly shopping streets in the old part of Ljubljana.

    The food is lovely, healthy...like Mediterrenean and mid-European combined.

    You might want to look the other way when you walk past the cake shops....hehe, yummy.

    The heart is well looked after in Slovenia. The people are romantic natured and sweet thinking.

    There is a plaque on the wall by the wonderful outdoor cafe beside the river in Ljubljana.

    A pretty girl, gazing at the man who rides a horse on the plinth in the cobbled square beside the triple bridge of white stone that is the pride of the city.

    He looks too......and they are together and united in spirit for ever now across the cobbles of a busy and beautiful city square.

    A local story of impossible romance, solved by the townspeople for the happiness of a devoted couple, in another world.

    Soft, sweet, Slovenia. Undo your troubles, and smile for goodness.

    As part of communist Yugoslavia, Slovenia has been well used to misery and restrictions. It was the first to break away from that and find freedom for it's people.

    Taking care of people is the at the heart of the country's nature. It is a fairly cheap, but the standards are good. Be brave, and be happy.

    See my answer on here about Slovenia and other places, and loads of suggestions from others, for another lady looking for a safe place to go

    http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Av... . . . .

    See Ike Besi on here, especially her last sentence, and Cantilen and myself. 3 out of 5 answers for Slovenia.

    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200811... . . . . .

    More choices here, top answer and the Albania suggestion is good too. It isn't the best place for a single lady though..


    http://www.slovenia.info . . .

    http://wikitravel.org/en/Slovenia . . . .

    Piran on the coast is gorgeous. A cheap flight to Trieste just over the border in Italy,and the train or bus to Piran, is the alternative to a plane to Ljibljana.I normally stay in Hotel Tartini, beside Tartini Square, which is simply beautiful. You can also get to Venice easily straight across by fast ferry over the Bay of Venice, or by train round the coast., from Trieste or from Slovenia.

    http://www.hotel-tartini-piran.com . . . .

    http://wikitravel.org/en/Piran . . . .


    Source(s): well travelled....20+ countries, 5 continents. Love Slovenia and it's people. Hvala Lepa!
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    National and state parks on weekdays. Go when everyone else is working, some of those places are just about empty when everyone else is working. I don't know where you live, but some beaches are the same way now that the temperature is cooling down, also, ski resorts during the work week, especially ones that don't have enough snow to actually ski at. Most lakes only have a few friendly old men who actually care about fishing.

    Going while everyone else is working is the most important thing to keep in mine.

    No place is safe, go ahead and carry your pepper spray or whatever.

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    If you are not looking to hook up with anyone a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas would be excellent. I do not suggest Jamaica because they are very rude to females that do not have the protection of a male. Have fun on your vacation. I love traveling by myself!

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    If you want to go out of your country , come to India , lot of visiting places and if it is a planed visit that is all advanced bookings for hotels and traveling , you can enjoy traveling .Take care and be vigilant .

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    Cali, popularly known as the Salsa Capital, is the third largest city in the whole of Colombia. Most of the best parties in this country are held within Cali from dusk to dawn. The Cali Zoo is a great place to relax, especially after a long night of salsa dancing. You get to learn a lot from Colombian wildlife and education. You may opt to take a walk through the city park and enjoy a bite of a lobster or the seafood chowder which is always offered. There are professional salsa dancers around every corner and the warm sultry temperature gives you a completely overwhelming experience. Rome clearly symbolizes the truly ancient Italian society on its own. The city has built great, undimmed reputation of evolving drastically in terms of architectural and historical splendor. The city is graced with idyllic views, masterpieces and beautiful parks which give one a calm experience. It is simply incomparable as a living relic, and has proved as one of the perfect places to lose oneself.

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    New Zealand!

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    why don't you just visit Spain and learn some Spanish.

    I was troubled and did that and worked.

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    You said "i have one for sale on play.com with games, brand new for £189" but when i searched for it, it was not there.

    Source(s): your answer on my question
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    Rio de Janeiro is great!!!!

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