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please explain the WORLD SERIES!?

im aussie and i realy like baseball, but im confused with the world series..... could some please explain it? like how many teams are in it and how it works etc.... thankyou ;)

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    First, let me explain how the teams are chosen, then the series itself:

    There are 2 leagues, American League (AL) and National League (NL). Each league has 3 divisions, Eastern, Central, and Western. After 162 games, the teams with the best record in each of the 6 divisions make it into the playoffs, Then, there is a wild-card winner in each league, which is the team with the best record other than the division winners.

    The first round is called the Division Series. There's the ALDS (American League Division Series), and the NLDS (National League Division Series). There are two Division Series in each league, so it's ALDS A, ALDS B, NLDS A, and NLDS B, but the A and B don't really mean anything, it's just a way to distinguish them.

    The team with the best record in the league plays the wild card winner and the other two teams play each other. If the wild card winner is in the same division as the team with the best record, then the wild card winner plays the next best team instead. Between any two opponents, the wild card team never has the advantage (except the world series). If the wild card team isn't playing in that series, whoever has the best record has home field advantage.

    The Division Series are 5 games, the first to win 3 wins the series. They play games 1 and 2 at the stadium for the team with home field advantage. Then they play games 3 and 4 at the other team's stadium. Then they return to the first stadium for game 5, if needed.

    The winners of the Division Series play in the League Championship Series, specifically the ALCS and the NLCS (American/National League Championship Series). Home field advantage is decided the same way, the wild card winner never gets home field advantage and if the wild card winner isn't playing, then the team with the best record gets home field advantage. This time, it's a 7 game series, first to 4 wins takes it. Again, the first 2 games are played at the stadium for the team with home field advantage. This time, the next 3 are played at the other stadium before returning to the original stadium for the last 2 games, if needed.

    The winner of the NLCS and ALCS play in the World Series. It's a best of 7 series with the same format as the NLCS and ALCS. Home Field Advantage is awarded to the league that won the All-Star game (a game in July during a short break in the regular schedule featuring the best players in each league).

    You can see what happened in 2009 here:

    St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox were the wild card teams. Both lost in the first round.

    This year, there was a tie in the American League Central Division, so the Twins and Tigers had to play a 163rd regular season game as a tie breaker. The Twins won and then lost to the Yankees in the ALDS.

    The New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies won the League Championship series and are now playing against each other in the World Series. They each won 1 game so far at Yankee Stadium. Today is an off day and they resume the series tomorrow in Philadelphia.

    Go Yankees!

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    The World Series is the championsip of the Play-Offs in Baseball there is only two teams competing.It is a Best of 7 games series so whoever wins 4 games in the series wins the MLB championship.

    P.S the two teams in the World Series went through 2 other teams in the Play-offs to get to the final round

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    The playoffs start off with eight teams. There is also two wild card contenders from both leagues, the American League and the National League. The Divisional Series is best out of 5 games, the Championship Series is best out of 7. When the remaining two teams reach the World Series, they battle to win the best out of seven. Meaning whoever wins four games first, are the World Series champions.

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    Two teams -- the champions representing the National League and the American League -- meet in a set of up to seven games. The first team that wins four games, wins, and is the annual champion.

    The first two and last two games are, this year, played at the AL champion's ballpark (New York), and the middle three games at the NL ballpark (Philadelphia).

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