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I have naturally wavy hair what products/tools do I need?

I usually straighten it but now I want to wear it wavy. It gets a little frizzy if I don't straighten it, is there a certain kind brush I'm supposed to use while it's wet or damp (boar, wide tooth comb, etc)?

I use a "frizz ease" leave-in conditioner and it works but it weighs my hair down......what products do you suggest. Do I need gel? hairspray? do I need BOTH? What other products do I need that won't weigh my hair down? & I want it to look natural & not like you can tell if it has gel in idk if ANY gel will make it look that way or if it'll only look like that if I put in too much

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    Your hair will only look like you have gel in it if you put too much in or use a crappy kind. I hate to say it, but I really think that you need to spring for some expensive stuff. I have wavy hair too and I use Bumble and Bumble curl conscious. It is pretty expensive, but I swear by it and it lasts a long time.

    Here is what you should do.... Shower and wash your hair normally. Bring a comb or normal brush into the shower with you. Once you put the conditioner in, brush out all the tangles (while the conditioner is still in!) then rinse. Don't ever brush wavy hair dry. ever. You can use a pick (wide tooth comb) if it is a complete disaster though.

    Get out of the shower and towel dry your hair until it is only damp. Put some gel, or mouse or cream in.(rub it on your hands and scrunch your hair upwards from the ends) Look for something that is called scrunch gel, or curl definition, etc. (if you are on a budget I STRONGLY recommend Garnier. They are also really good at describing their products.

    Then you need to defuse your hair with the attachment to your blow drier. This will define curls and eliminate frizz.

    When I do this, my hair gets a bit flat on top, so I do put some volumizing hair spray in for volume... but its up to you. (I flip my head upside down and spray and then fip back)

    If your hair is still frizzy put in a bit of frizz serum. (only use a tiny bit! or it will make your hair greasy). Its an oil that is really light and you only need a tiny tiny bit on your finger tips... so it won't weigh your hair down at all.

    Finally, if there are still some limp pieces, you can touch them up with a curling iron... but remember, you have a lot of product in your hair so 1. the iron may smoke. don't be alarmed... its just the product burning off your hair. 2. dont hold it too long if you are going for wavy. The product will make your hair curl much easier/faster.

    When I do this my hair generally looks like Blake lively from gossip girl (on a good day! haha) so I hope it works for you.

    Good luck! I bet you will look beautiful : )

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