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徵英文翻譯高手 幾個句子而已



文法跟單字都不能有錯 感謝


1 您好 你叫什麼名子

A; 妳好 我叫NANA

2今年幾歲 家庭有多少個人?

A;今年20歲 家裡有爸爸 媽媽 兩個姐姐 一個哥哥


A;興趣唱歌 逛街 跳舞


A'畢業於醒悟技術學院 從事文書處理工作

5為何會來這裡應徵呢? 有秘書的經驗嗎?

A;因為貴公司環境品質優良 離家近



A;期望自己能在這認識許多朋友 待遇一般

7謝謝你 做個結尾

A;麻煩請等候通知 NANA小姐

好的 非常感謝妳

非常急需要她 感謝 20點奉上

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    1.How are you? What's your name?

    A.Hi, my name is NANA

    2.How old are you? How many family members do you have?

    A.I am 20 years old. I have my parents, two sisters and a brother.

    3.What's your hobbies

    A.I like singing, shopping, and dancing

    4.Where did you graduated? Do you have any work experience?

    A. I graduated from Hsing Wu College. I

    5.Why do you apply our company?Do you have any secretary experience?

    A.Because I think your company hace a very nice enviroment. I have been a secretary for one year.

    6. What do you expect from the company and about the wage?

    A.I expect I can meet alot of friends, and a normal wage

    7.Thank you, let's make a conclusion

    A. Please wait for the notice. NANA

    Ok, thank you, i really appreciate.

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    您好 以下是我為您找到得答案

    1.Hello, what you call a Nago

    A; Ni Hao My name is NANA

    2.How old this year, the number of families are two individuals?

    A; 20-year-old father and mother at home with two sisters one brother

    3 What is interesting for you?

    A; interested in singing and shopping and dancing

    4 He graduated from what school? Has engaged in any work?

    A 'wake Institute of Technology graduate work in word processing

    5 Why come here to apply for it? Have a secretary of the experience?

    A; because of your company's excellent quality of the environment close to home

    Secretary for a year has done

    6 on the company what the expectations and treatment?

    A; look forward to his many friends in this understanding of the general treatment

    7 Thank you to be a the end of the

    A; trouble Please wait notify Miss NANA

    Good very grateful Ni

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