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Why does Enrique Meza keep giving Emilio Hernandez and Mario Ortiz playing time?

These two players suck big time. They touch the ball like 4 times the whole game and they keep getting chances. Meza should give Zeballos and Orozco more playing time to prove themselves.

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ok DMV didn't make me feel dumb because every soccer fan does this. when they are going to have a new player on their team, they expect that the player is going to do well and help out the team. unfortunately, the players meza has brought haven't helped out in anything. Villa has been the best one so far.

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    I think Hernandez makes good plays he just doesn't know how to finish. he had one in his debut VS Pumas, One VS America, and a lot in the Concachampions. Ortiz just sucks i would rather try out Nuñez and Hernandez together one on the left and one on the right.Meza doesn't like Zeballos if you recall he tried to sell him but no agreement was reached with any club

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    Pereyra will play his best game of the season (azzh0l3)

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  • jajaja @ D.V.L

    rey feels like a dumb@ss right now.

    You guys should stop talking and prove it on the field. Meza knows what he is doing. Let him do his job, you think he will change his mind because of a fan like you?

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    What I want to know is why would you buy 4 players from Tecos? corona I can understand and the other young kid looks alright but Browne and Ortiz they're crap

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    D.V.L. jst left you looking like a fool.

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