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Ohio State Football fans? Do I got this right?

If Ohio State wins out the rest of their schedule by they would go to the Rose Bowl. By beating Penn State, Iowa, Michigan, NMST. OSU would most likely play USC or Oregon. If OSU were to lose one of the 3 Big Ten games remaining they would get 3rd place in the Big Ten behind Penn State and Iowa meaing OSU would go to the Captial One Bowl most likely playing UGA, LSU, South Carolina, Ole Miss.

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    if ohio st wins out it would mean beating Iowa

    that would mean ohio wins the big 10 by head to head match-ups

    if ohio st loses to iowa the buckeyes would be a 3 loss team and very unlikely a 3 loss team will get an at large bcs bid with TCU and boise st both in the top 6 in the bcs polls getting 2 of the 4 at large bcs bids and the loser of the sec champ game most likely florida or bama getting te other would leave 1 at large bcs

    if ohio st loses to either iowa but beat penn st then ohio st would finish 2nd in the b10 by way of head to head tie breaker after both teams would have 2 conference losses

    this is where it gets fun....

    if ohio st beats iowa but then loses to penn st. it would become a 3 way tie for the B10. the way the B10 decides the tie breaker and who gets to go to the Rose Bowl.... the team in the tie who has not been to the rose bowl for the longest time gets to go. iowa would go to the rose bowl in a 3 way tie

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    Yeah if the Bucks win out in the Big Ten they'll go to a BCS game, most likely the Rose Bowl and will get stomped on by USC, unfortunately.

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    The postseason would put the Big Ten and Pac-10 champions in the Rose Bowl, 2nd in the big ten will face 2nd place in Confrence USA in the citrus bowl and the third best team will face the third best SEC team in the Hall Of Fame Bowl.

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    purely like maximum individuals on YAnswers, you're stereotyping an entire fanbase based upon some people. i'm going to wager you have seen consistent with possibility 4 or 5 people submit questions right here complaining appropriate to the refs in the OSU v Illinois pastime. and you end that "Ohio State soccer followers and coaches are such crybabies." end stereotyping. and additionally end being a crybaby appropriate to the crybabies your self.

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    Your not gonna win against PSU in beaver stadium

    And I intercepted your punk quarter back in high school so that shows how good he is

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    Yes you have it right!

    Source(s): Hope they don't win the big ten!I'm sick of watching my Trojans beat down OSU every time we play them!
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