Worst last name you've ever heard? As bad as this?

OK, I am totally serious here, when my husband and I were married, I wanted him to take my last name (you'll see why), but the pastor wouldn't marry us if he took my last name. Anyways, it's (are you ready for this and I am NOT joking) - Hadcock. Yeeeeah. Anyways, so we have two daughters (right now they're 4 and 19 months) and baby #3 due in the spring, but how bad do you think they'll get made fun of in school? Or do you think people will overlook it? What's the worst last name you've ever heard?

My husband insists that he's heard worse - he said he was stationed with a guy who's last name was Bundick, but I think that Hadcock is worse - lol!

Just a little bit of funny history, I was in the Navy too and my title was (ya ready?) Seaman Hadcock - nice for a female, huh?!? Anyways, tell me your opions and any worse names you've heard, please! :) Thanks and God bless!

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    OMG!!! Yours definitely takes the cake!

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    I had an English teacher growing up named Mrs. Decair. Doesn't seem too bad when you look at it but the phonetic way to say it was

    Mrs. Dickhair.

    Hadcock is bad.

    Maybe you could be the first in a new Generation. Create a last name that honors both family backgrounds. My sis-in-law's husband's family has done this. They are the 4th Generation with the new last name.

    Good luck and I guess if you keep your last name just teach your kids to have fun with it. :)

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    The worst ones are when the first and last name go together.. I knew a kid named Richard Head.. we used the nickname Dick for him.. so yeah.. Dick Head.

    I also met someone who's name was Sasha Waterfall Eden. It was a guy..

    so yeah.. things can be bad with Hadcock, but as long as the first names dont work with it like "seaman" did, they won't get teased too badly.

  • DK51
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    Well I think it better to a Mrs. Hadcock than a Mr. Hadcock =p

    I had a very hard time with Mr. Sherlock. Gad my real name with a Sherlock behind it /shivers.

    I can not begin to tell you the jokes I made at Mr. Sherlock's expense. From "No sh*t Sherlock" to well I'll behave since there are children a float. He took it all in fun though I'm sure he has heard them all.

    Wait not a surname, but I honestly knew a boy who's mother had the nerve to have named him PopCorn! WTH was she smoking!

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  • Hereford (which is a breed of cattle in case you don't know) was the worse last name I have ever called. It was one of my best friends names from college. Everyone called her "sara" cow.

    Your kids might get picked on, but even if it wasn't there last name, kids are so mean they would come up with something else to tease them about. You just have to be confident that you are raising kids that can handle a little bull from others and brush it off.

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    1 decade ago

    I can't decide between Bastard, Death, Freak, Hardcock and Dellacunta.

    These are all real people I know and they are all very attached and proud of their names.

    Hadcock is not the best, but it's definitely not the worst.

    (I always wondered how men with bad surnames ever got women to agree to marry them - your husband is obviously a real stand-out guy!)

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    A girl I know is dating a guy with the last name "Fangboner" - no joke. So I'm thinking Hadcock is really not that bad, especially when compared with something like Fangboner. Hope that makes you feel better! :)

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    1 decade ago

    Look, if your kids' last names were "normal" sounding, other kids always find something else to bully others about. Its a kid thing and there isn't a darn thing you can do about that.

    However, Hadcock isn't all that big a deal.

    Your kids can have your last name. Its what you put on their birth certificates is what they'll be called.

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    1 decade ago

    I think they'll get made fun of. Character-building at least! You could always change the spelling a bit...or create a new last name out of both of yours?

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    1 decade ago

    Sgt. Salvatore Nino Cangiano 1st Armoured Infantry U.S. Marine Corps,... hows that roll of the tongue? They just called me Sgt. C when I did my tour in Iraq. Whatever, I think it's a great last name. CANGIANO!!! Whats more Italian than that?

    Haha, ... Seaman Hadcock. Can't believe you tried to make HIM chage HIS name! Exactly why I was in the Armoured Infantry. No women no drama! Can't wait for Afghanistan! F@ck peace lets conquer the whole world!

    Source(s): Coming to Conquer not Liberate!
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    Well my gay theatre teachers name was Steven Handcock

    and my good friend Marcus mom is named Chu Coxx

    and another one of my friends name is Richard Johnson III(dick dick)

    just think two other people had this same name

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