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A Poem...It's been a while.. lame... ye?

I see the alphabet making love in the sky,

As lame as it may sound I can see U and I,

Making love as though the world was going to end,

Together we stand together as friends.

But what happens when the rain comes down,

And then the sun turns upside down into a frown,

Will you still gather under the shade of palm trees,

Or go ahead and live under rocks and build stress.

I bet you will learn to forfeit all you have worked for,

Just to be able to slightly crack open the door,

That leads down the hallway that leads to heaven,

Go ahead and open it look inside is it what you believe?

I believe that happiness can only cure the soul,

Don't waste your time on the bullsh*t your told,

Build your own faith and let it sore through the sky,

And promise me you will capture that glimmer in your eye.

Cause without your own happiness what is there to live for,

A broken window that over looks the shore,

Still cannot stop the beautiful sight of the waves,

And when you look in the mirror do you believe you are saved?

I hope that when it comes to the end you can look back and think,

Everything I did all has been everything I would have done,

Cause without self satisfaction what is the point of living,

Cause when your dead, no one truly gives a fu*k

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've missed you and your poems! How are you!? Good I hope!

    I always love your poems, you should get them published, do you ever turn some of your poems into songs for your band? Or write songs for your band?

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's great to see your poems again my friend you have been missed.

    the first paragraph really grabs me and the line Cause without self-satisfaction what is the point of living.

    take care my friend and keep up the good work


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