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Are there a lot of people with Asperger's and HFA who happen to be whiners and complainers?

Do people, adults in specific, who have Asperger's Syndrome whine and complain a lot about stuff?

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    I think people with Asperger's syndrome and HFA are neither more nor less likely to be whiners and complainers than neurotypicals are. Every individual is different, so of course both groups have both many complainers and many people who rarely complain. I also think there is this tendency on both sides to think that the others are just whining over something trivial, because each group sees things from a different perspective and doesn’t feel the same way about things.

    I personally rarely complain or whine about anything. I'm actually a lot like ascoteton77 described. I rarely complain, even when there is a good reason to. I often find complaining much harder than just accepting whatever is wrong and moving on.

    Source(s): I have Asperger's syndrome myself.
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    Good question. I have Asperger's...I've never thought of myself as a whiner or a complainer. I'm usually very reserved and would rather not say anything. I have a very tough time complaining about anything. For example, if I went to McDonalds and they gave me the wrong order, I would have a VERY difficult time going to complain. I find that's the case for anything that I do...

    I personally think life is too short to whine about are never going to get things handled on a silver platter, so why whine about something?

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    I don't know about adults, but my 10 year old son with Aspergers complains constantly. Everything from "my sister is bugging me" to "no one understands me". I think it goes with the territory if you know what I mean.

  • my daughter is high functioning autistic, and that is her passion to complain about everything, then two seconds later she takes it back

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    There are. It is evident.

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