I'm teaching a phonics lesson to first graders about words with the -it and -ig endings.?

This is a re-teach lesson, they have already initially learned about these endings. I have to fill 20 minutes and im trying to think of fun things i can do to help them understand this concept. So far all i have thought of is the assessment, i have a worksheet for them to complete. I thought about playing some sort of game, but i'm not really sure what to do. I would love any ideas or help you can think of!

My objective is somewhere along the lines of "students will review words ending in -it and -ig and then complete a worksheet with 80% accuracy"

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    I just did a re-teach lesson on word families and I played a game with kids. I did it with -ig and -at but I'm sure you can modify it. On sentence strips I wrote words that ended in -ig and -at. I cut them to separate them and then each child was given a card with a word on it. They had to first read the word and then they had to tell me which word family it belonged to by meowing like a cat for the -at words and oinking for the -ig words. The students had fun and in the end, they actually remembered that the words ending in -at are in the -at family and that they rhyme. I guess you can have your students stand and those with the -it words can sit and those with the -ig words can oink.

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