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SVR E-FED Presents TNA Impact 12 24 2009(First Ever Show) Part 1?

A Video is played showing highlights of Final Resolution Last night where we saw Suicide get fired, Tara become new Knockouts Champion, Kurt Angle defeat Desmond Wolfe, Matt Morgan defeat Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles defeat Samoa Joe to retain the TNA World Championship

The opening video plays and we have a pyro opening to the show.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Kurt Angle gets a microphone and thanks the fans for their support. Kurt says that two months ago Kurt was offered a title match by AJ Styles and says at Genesis he wants it. Kurt says over the last few months he has worked his *** of getting the respect he deserves and now he want’s a chance to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion once again. Kurt says that he want’s to go against AJ to find out who is the best once and for all in singles competition. Samoa Joe’s music plays and makes his way down to the ring. Joe says that if anyone should get a title shot it is Samoa Joe. Joe tells Angle that last night he worked his *** off and was so unlucky. Joe says that after his loss last night, he want’s to become TNA Champion even more. Joe says that he should get a title shot at Genesis. AJ Styles’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. AJ says that there is only one way to determine who should be the number one contender for his Title and that is to have a 1 vs. 1 Match tonight between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Kurt says that he agrees and then AJ asks Samoa Joe. Joe says that the match is on.

We are backstage with Team 3D. Team 3D says they have a message for The British Invasion. Brother Ray says that tonight they will get their rematch for the TNA World Tag Team Championships. Brother Ray then says that it is no ordinary match, it is one that Team 3D have perfected over the years, a Table Match. Brother Devon says it’s time to TESTIFY.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with The Motor City Machine Guns. Jeremy asks them how they feel after the incredible feast or fired match last night. Shelley says that they dominated that match last night, Shelley says that they got a Tag Team Championship briefcase and Sabin got an X Division Championship shot. Sabin says that all the champions in TNA better watch their back.

Match 1-The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) defeats Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed)

Lauren is backstage with The Beautiful People. Lauren says that The Beautiful People will get their rematch tonight for the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships. Lacey interrupts and says that they are going to be doing something different tonight. Tonight Lacey will be teaming with Velvet for a shot at the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

A Video is played hyping Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Nash tonight

Match 2-The Beautiful People (Lacey Von Eric and Velvet Sky) defeats Sarita and Taylor Wilde to become new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Backstage Jeremy Borash is in Eric Young’s locker room. JB asks Eric how he is handling his defeat to Hernandez at Final Resolution. Eric says that what happened last night didn’t matter because it was a non title match. Eric says that tonight it matters when he is defending his Global Championship against Robert Roode. Eric says that he knows what Beer Money Inc. are up to. Eric says that they want to injure him tonight so James Storm can cash in that briefcase. Eric says it aint gonna happen.

Lauren is in Hernandez’s dressing room. Lauren asks Hernandez what are his objectives now he is finished with Eric Young. Hernandez says that he only want’s one thing now and that is the TNA World Championship. Hernandez says that TNA are looking for new stars for the future. Hernandez says the three names that pop up are Matt Morgan, Bobby Lashley and of course Hernandez. Hernandez says that he is better than all of them and can prove it anytime.


Your not Hogan,Ryan beat you to it he answered first

Update 2:

Rhyno just didn't appear on this show,he will be on next week for sure

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    Good Show. :)


    Well look what we have here, Lacey and I have defeated Taylor & Sarita to become the new Knockout Tag Champs, did it really surprise anyone? It was only a matter or time before The Beautiful People defeated the Trashbag Hoes, which by the way is a very fitting name for you two, may I suggest it? Well nevermind if I can suggest it, the point is that we beat you and theres nothing you two can do about it.

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    Yeahh Still Tag Team Champions the British Invasion

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    motor city machin guns win i m chris sabin and i know that we would have beaten leathal consequences in few seconds

    motor city machine guns are the best tag team in TNA

    all the champions in TNA watch out they dont no what is coming towards them

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    Promo: how can me and Sarita lose our titles to the Butt Ugly People i mean there just a bunch of loser whores and sluts i will get my title back

    Source(s): ~The Goth Chick~
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    Ain't I Hollywood Hogan in this show?

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    Hold on where is rhyno? He isnt in the second parrt either!!

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  • No I lost my title on the first show! lol

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