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Why do Pink Floyd fans treat PF like gods when they only have a few good songs (plz read details of question)?

(Over the top of my head) Their only good songs are:

1) Wish you were here

2) Young Lust

3) Comfortably Numb (only because of the solo)

4) Shine on you crazy diamond

Average Songs:

1) Another Brick in the wall (classroom)

2) Time

3) Animals

4) Dogs

Poor Songs:

1) Money

2) Pigs

3) Sheep

4) Fearless

Most of their songs that I can't recall right now.

Not to mention, the vocals for almost all of their songs are so pathetic; no need to comment on that. Pink Floyd was only good till they had the creativity of Syd Barrett, after that they have just gone downhill; even though I do appreciate what Gilmour has given them.

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    You just asked this

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    I would say that your logic is flawed, except you are merely stating opinion. One I do not agree with. I personally cannot stand Young Lust, and they have many many more good songs. They weren't that great with Syd, whose lyrical talent wasn't all that hot and as a guitarist, he was more than adequately replaced with Gilmour. Barrett was in turn treated like a god because of his guitar innovations at the time, that's all. And I do not think they are gods. Why bother slamming things in this manner? If I started to do that, I would never stop.

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    Pink Floyd is extremely underrated. If you think they suck, you're listening to music for the wrong reasons--or, at least, you shouldn't be listening to Pink Floyd. Too many people listen to Pink Floyd and know nothing about the band because they have extremely shallow experience listening to their music. Their music is about the lyrics, not the music, and all those extra sounds create an ambient effect, which is necessary for setting the tone of each sound (it helps them make one song sad and another song relaxing). Most people don't listen to Pink Floyd because they don't understand that it is closer to poetry than to other music. And if you think Pink Floyd lacks musical talent, you need to reconsider your definition of the word. They engineer the sound of their music to help the listeners interpret the lyrics a certain way; they don't just try to make their music 'sound good' like almost every band does.

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    "Most of their songs I can't recall right now."

    That statement alone shows just how little you actually know about Pink Floyd.Stop asking these questions. They only make you look like an idiot.

    So what if PF fans'(and yes, I'm one of them) opinions differ from your own? Does everybody HAVE to agree with your musical taste?

    And by the way, Young Lust isn't even that great of a song. They have plenty more brilliant ones. What kind of music do you listen to anyway? Just curious. |:

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    If you don't like the Floyd why are you so obsessed with them? Why have you asked so many questions about them when you clearly don't care for the band? A normal, mentally stable person would just ignore them and move on. You on the other hand exhibit sure signs of mental illness when it comes to this subject. Check your dosage or see a shrink but leave the rest of us out of your delusions.

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    When you said "Why do Pink Floyd fans treat PF like gods when they only have a few good songs" That's just your opinion that they have only a few good songs, I don't like PF at all, but that's it. PF's are gonna like more songs than you, etc. It's all a case of musical taste.

    Whoa, Michael your right! I just looked at a 70s picture of him and a 60s picture, he looks totally like a different person. He looks more like a tramp rather than a rock star! That's a big shame.

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    "Not to mention, the vocals for almost all of their songs are so pathetic; no need to comment on that.... though I do appreciate what Gilmour has given them."


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    What the hell is wrong with you!!! Pink Floyd is one of the greatest band ever!!! Every song on Dark Side of the Moon is epic. Their vocals are great. The guitar and keyboards and effects are legendary! And they have NO bad songs!!

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    Probably because that's songs YOU think is good. The ones that treat them like gods probably thinks all of their songs are great, also, songs isn't the only reason to hail a band, they probably do some charity work of some sort.

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    syd barrett looks so cool in the late 60s

    but why is he some fat bald thing on some picture ive seen in 1975..

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    Get over yourself, it's not like you've made some significant discovery. It's a matter of your own perspective, corrupt though it may be.

    In fact, all these pointless questions serve to do is clog up R&P.

    You are not changing our opinions.

    Au. revoir.

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