WoW- How to run a guild?

I'm going to start a guild, I have all tabs already. What categories should the tabs have? (for better organization)

And also, how do I know when to promote guildies? And for what?

Any other tips would be really appreciated. :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    starting a guild is hard work. I'm assuming you are talking about guild bank. Unfortunately, running a guild is more than just having a build bank.

    There's a few things you can have for your guild bank. But the first question you have to ask yourself is what is the point of your guild bank? What will you want your guild bank to do?

    For my guild bank, my first tab is for everyone. Everyone can withdraw many stacks a day. I call that tab just random junk. Second tab is consumables. Members can with draw one flask/elixir/potion a day.

    Third tab is crafting materials. In this tab, members can donate enchanting mats, mining ores, skinning materials, gems or anything they would like to donate. In this tab, you will have to regulate who gets what. Only people who request the items will be allowed to withdraw from this tab.

    The last tab can be valuable things like BoE epic items, epic patterns, or just random gear. In this tab, you can have your members request to buy.

    what do you mean by promoting guildies?

    I'm assuming if you want a guild, you have certain members already in mind. You may need to have a couple officers to help you with raids, and recruits. You will need to have alot of spare healers in the guild and you will need a few tanks as well. Make sure you build a good environment for your guild so that it's not just a guild made up with strangers

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