Nelson Mandela..........?


when mandela came to the UK in the early 60's, what did he actually do? was it protests or something?


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    Nelson Mandela went to England to look for financial and political support for the ANC's war against the South African government and protest against the system of 'Apartheid' or Seperatism .

    He was later (1965) imprisoned for bombing a few places in Johannesburg, but was released after 27 years in captivity in 1992.

    In 1994 he was elected as the first native president of South Africa, and served a 4 year term. His successor was Thabo Mbeki, who served almost 2 full terms.

    Source(s): I'm South African.
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    He led an anti-apartheid movement and was thereby was imprisoned for around 30 years.

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    Yea basically because Britain once was in control of south africa

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