Help me understand how to use Boyle's law to complete the following table?

Use Boyle's law to complete the following table (assume temperature and number of moles of gas to be constant):


787 mm Hg


169 mm Hg

1.86 atm


2.58 L

1.13 L

316 L



896 mm Hg

4.82 atm


4.36 atm



2.71 L

578 mL

192 mL

Please help explain how you determine the answer. Thank you in advance.

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    Boyle's Law for ideal gases just states this relationship:

    PV = nRT where:

    P = pressure

    V = volume

    n = # of moles of the gas

    R = ideal gas constant

    T = absolute temperature (Kelvin or K, not C or F)

    You either have to get R in the correct units (e.g. atmospheres vs. Pascals) or convert your pressure and volume to the same units to get the correct answer.

    For solving this problem, it appears that T and n can be assumed to be constant.  Of course, R is also a constant, so what you have is a relationship between P and V.  You can have a constant X=nRT which you can calculate from the information given, then PV=X, P=X/V and V=X/P.  That should let you fill out the table (after you do the unit conversions from mm Hg to atm and back!).

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