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Why is windows 7 and upgrade from windows vista?

got a new computer with vista and can upgrade to windows 7, should I upgrade?

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    That's entirely up to you. I would say go for it since it's brand new and you have little or no files (i'm assuming) that you would risk losing (though it shouldn't happen). I would do it on my computer but i've had it for two years and I am not so fast into taking these kind of risks, so I was going to try to have a dual boot with Vista and 7 but it says I don't have enough disk space to partition it... anyway, If you just want to try it out and compare the two I would say do the dual boot, otherwise if you really want it then just get it!

    PS. Vista is nowhere near as bad as people say it is, I think that crap was made up by mac users anyway, just like they make up their claim that macs can't get viruses and can't crash... any computer can crash or get a virus so don't listen to mac users (but you probably already knew that since you're getting Vista and/or Windows 7) In fact, the ONLY time Windows Vista has ever failed me in the 2+ years I've had it, was when I tried to upgrade Windows Vista Home Premium into Windows 7 Professional which for no reason at all it wouldn't let me do... that was the ONLY time i've had a problem that was Vista specific.

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    I spend 2 or 3 hours a day doing research on the internet and from a report I have read today I would say no Don't get the upgrade Microsoft don't want you to upgrade from vista to windows 7 they want you to buy the full version

    The windows seven upgrade that you have to download has problems. then the upgrade process can take over 7 hours to install, that's just for starters,

    here is the report read it for yourself click on the links

    this is a report on windows 7 security hole

    ther you have it in black and white

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    Microsoft seems to rush product to market. Therefore, every second operating system is good while the ones in between have serious issues. For example Windows ME had a bad memory leak, amongst other issues so XP corrected and stabilized the previous issues and was a good operating system. Vista was again rushed to try and answer some of the security concerns and to address the fact that the Mac was gaining serious momentum. Vista had all sorts of issues and now Windows 7 is anticipated to be the stabilizing, reliable OS that corrects the issues. If they are true to their history, this will be the case.

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    How so ?

    Practically W7 is a new OS, officially launched just last week. Computers in stock still have Vista on them. Most computer manufacturers are good about offering Upgrades, and, as others have said, I would take it.

    Philosophically, Vista sucked. W7 is an upgrade.

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    Vista was a disaster from day 1 and if Microsoft was any kind of a legitate company they would give everyone who ever bought a computer with it installed Windows 7 to make up for it.

    Microsoft changes their operating systems every few years and then the programs you have bought do not work any more.

    My next computer just might be a Mac.

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    becoz window 7 have about 700 new features rather than the vista . so acc. to me u should upgrade to win 7 if u can . i will be a better choice for u and ur pc . dear .

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    At least get the disc in case you want to in the future

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