Why are members of the Church of Scientology required to dish out thousands of dollars to reach "high levels?"?

I'm very interested in the "religion." Obviously there is a certain level of brain-washing going on to get people to pay money to to reach "higher levels of enlightenment." What are the Church's overheads? Basically, how does the Church justify charging insane amounts of money? Especially when that money only allows you to hear a story about aliens that is so well known, all you have to do is youtube it and you can hear it from the mouth of Ron L Hubbard himself.

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    You obviously have it all figured out so it's beyond me why you are looking for other opinions on the subject.

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    I many times do no longer approve of governmental interference in re church homes or maybe cults, yet France's regulations are different from those in the U. S., Canada and another places. they could and do contain the government in non secular concerns, because France has prided itself on secularism through fact the French Revolution. additionally, i understand that the Church of Scientology is a problematical poisonous corporation. They do rip people off, they're particularly revenues orientated *and* evangelical. positioned the two mutually and the administration mechanisms to get money grow to be over the spectacular. Church of Scientology management is harsh and violent. i could motivate readers to study Marc Headley's writings on the subject. So I do -carefully and with some reservations- help such movements.

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    Seeing a video or being told what something is- is NOT the same as auditing it. There are a lot of auditing processes associated with that. And many leading up to it.

    I'm not defending the church's pricing. Their high prices exist for one reason and one reason alone- so that they can get rich and the he** with everyone else. There are other Scn groups outside CofS that offer the OT levels at a fraction of the cost. Being an OT is a state of being. It's not "oh, I read this or saw this video."

    Source(s): Former Church of Scientology member
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    There are always gullible people who need help and either don't have internet or refuse to believe the claims because they need the help.

    Scientology might be a scam to get money, but how do you think the Vatican got so rich? Don't Christian churches require that members give them 10% of their salary? If your family makes $50,000, you are giving 5,000 -- how is that different from scientology? Christians too know the outcome of the Bible...

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    In order to make big bucks for the leaders.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    So that there ministors can live in big mansions and eat very good food.

  • Because there's a sucker born every day, and if they don't get his money someone else will.

  • jl
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    1 decade ago

    same with all religions.

    CS is just more up front about it.

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    It's a beautiful, beautiful scam isn't it?

    Source(s): I <3 Scientology.
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    go to a caholic church

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