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With these mods (listed within) with a apex neo afc help out or not? thanks much! 93 240sx?

On my 93 240sx I have an aem intake, hks exhaust, dc sport headers, nology wires, ngk spark plugs, high flow cat, mild cams... I am looking to install a neo afc to squeze out some more up, think it would help, thanks much!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Adjusting the fuel mixture to the correct levels may help but your car computer could be chiped Jim Wolfe Technology's and everything would be automatically corrected. You must get onto a dyno-meter and use a wide band fuel monotor to see just what the exhaust gasses are to know if your fuel injectors are up to the task. And let JWT know the specifications of the modifications Dyno, fuel print out sheets will give tunners an idea which way the fuel and spark tables need to be adjusted. If your car is running correct mixture now a APEXI NEO will not make any difference and your out for the cost of the electronics. But hey it is the "apexi-neo" vinyl sticker on the rear quarter window that makes the car go faster isn't it?

    Source(s): Nissan Master Tech 36 years making cars run better.
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