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(英文文章) 牡羊星座特性




大約一分鐘就好 程度大約國三 或 高一 英文程度


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    Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars.

    Personal traits of an Aries person are openness, enthusiasm and individualism. They are outspoken, alert, quick to act and speak. They prefer to speak than listen. Arians are ambitious, with lots of drive and a strong desire to lead. They make poor followers.

    Primarily people of action, they demonstrate little subtlety or cunning. Frank and amiable, they make quick decisions, and grasp ideas just as quickly. Quick of mind, and just as quick to anger, Arians are known for their impatience, and are prone to be arrogant.

    Aries have a strong self image, the ability to think fast and size up most situations in an instant. Arians do not waste time and energy beating around the bush, they come straight to the point

    Arians are known to be generous people. They give of their time, effort, money and sympathies. They have both moral and physical courage and will give support to anyone they believe is being treated unfairly, or to any cause they deem worthy.

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