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請英文高手幫忙做翻譯-中翻英 20點!!






My short-term objective:於貴校畢業後,我將積極爭取參加國際性的設計營拓展自己的視野,學習不同國家的設計技術與文化背景,取之精華以強化自己的專業。

My medium-term objective:進入包裝設計公司,實際應用策略方針,幫助公司創造更高的價值,將Visual Communication Design提升至更高的層面。學習寶貴的職場經驗。

My long-term objective:在響應環保的趨勢下,能節省成本又不易污染環境的包裝成為人們新一代的需求,而包裝設計的功能性也就更受到重視。目前在我國的包裝設計市場還尚未著重在其機能性,而包裝設計的種類和樣式都是受限的。雖然設計師相當的多,但整個市場結構卻僅跟隨歐美的腳步,遲遲無法走出適合本身文化的風格。因此,我希望在累積實戰經驗後,成立一個包裝設計工作室,運用所學的知識和經驗,整合不同領域的設計資源,提升亞洲設計的知名度,讓更多亞洲本身優良的設計能走向國際化。

貴校擁有完善的課程規劃、優良的師資及良好的學習環境,在加上校友們也在職場上有優良的表現,更激勵了我對設計的熱情,期許在接受貴校專業及全方位的教育培育後,我會將所學發揮在Visual Communication Design的應用上,實現我的目標。

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    The objective of the My short-term:After expensive school graduating, I will be actively fight for attending an international design camp to expand his/her own visual field and learn design technique and cultural background of different nation and take of essence with enhance his/her own profession.

    The objective of the My medium-term:Get into the company of the packing design, physically apply strategy policy, help companies to create higher value, Visual Design of Communication promote to higher level.Learn a precious job field experience.

    The objective of the My long-term:Can save cost and don't easily pollute the need that the environmental packing becomes people's new generation while responding to the trend of environmental protection, and pack the function of design also is valued more.Be all subjected to something to limit in the packing design market of my country category and styles that haven't also emphasized at its function, and packed a design currently.Although the designer is rather many,the whole market structure only follow behind Euro-American footstep, slowly can't come out to suit oneself a cultural style.Consequently, I hope after accumulating true war experience and establish a packing design utility room and make use of knowledge and experience learned and integrate the design resource of different realm and promote the popularity of Asian design and let more good designs in Asias be able to head for an internationalization.

    The expensive school owns perfect curriculum programme, good teachers and good learning environment and has a good performance in plusing the alumnis incumbency field also and encouraged my enthusiasm to the design more and expect to is accepting after professional and all-directions education in the expensive school grow, I will learn to develop the application of Design of Communication at Visual up, carry out my target.


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    My short-term objective: making the school after graduation, I will actively strive for participating in international design camp to expand his eyes, the design of learning technology in different countries and cultural background, the essence of the intake to strengthen their professional.

    My medium-term objective: go to packaging design company, practical application of strategic directions to help companies create a higher value, add the Visual Communication Design elevated to a higher level.Learn valuable workplace experience.

    My long-term objective: in response to environmental protection, cost-effectively and the packaging that cannot be easily contaminated environment as a new generation of demand, and the functionality of the packaging design suffer.At present in our country of packaging design emphasis being placed on the market is not yet in their functional, but the kind of packaging design and style are limited.Although quite a number of designers, but the entire market structure only follow in the footsteps of Europe and America, never go out of style suited to their culture.Therefore, I hope that in the cumulative actual combat experience, the setting up of a packaging design studio, professional knowledge and experience, the integration of the various fields of design resources, improve the reputation of the Asian design to allow more Asians good design be internationalized.

    A fine tradition of well-established curriculum planning, quality teachers and good learning environment, but also in the Alumni Career superior performance, but also inspired me to design the enthusiasm, in an interview with a full range of your school of professional and lay, I will move the learning in Visual Communication Design application implementation of my goals.

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    我知道每個人的偏好都不大一樣,但是以我個人以往補過的經驗來說,我覺得上到現在都還不錯說,而且坦白說我覺得要補還是要補機構跟規模比較大一點的補習班,至少有其他的問題其實都可以討論與申訴管道的,會比較有保障啦!所以滿推薦給各位想學習英文的大大喔! 以上是我個人的淺見。^^

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