my husband only eats junk food!! how can i get him to eat healthier?

so we have been married for one year in december, together for 2 years in february. since i have been cooking for him though, he is STRONGLY apposed to healthy food.

he would be completely happy to eat only these food items: chicken, beef, pork, bacon (any meat except fish), cheese, butter/ oil, barbeque sauce and some sorce of unhealthyily cooked carbohydrate - bread/ potatoe/ pasta/ rice.

i would absolutely be a vegetarian if i were not married to him - not that i am opposed to eating meat but i just LOVE vegies and salad etc. but as i have to cook for him, i have to cook meat, or he will not eat my cooking. if i even suggest vegies, he wont have it at all and wont eat them. i am concerned about his health - altho he is not overweight, his colestoral is high. how can i get him to eat more healthy foods? how can i make the food appealing to him?



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    I understand that you love him and are concerned with his health, however he isn't your child. You are not responsible for him. Once you realize that you can take a deep breath.

    First, not everything you listed is unhealthy eaten in moderation. Both my husband and I are naturally thin and blessed with low BO and cholesterol. I think it is just heredity, or at least that is the biggest factor. For over 20 + years of marriage we have both started to like things the other didn't. I love veggies but my junk food as well.

    There was no way he was touching broccoli- now he loves it. I steam it and drizzle low fat cheese on it. Same dislike of any green veggie. Pepper added to green beans or even red peppers added sort of like mexican corn. He now loves both.

    As for getting him to quit the meat or mac and cheese, etc. It is probably not going to happen. You are just going to have to have to add veggies to things and if he is like my husband, he will eat them because he claims they have no taste. LOL So, I add broccoli to mac and cheese. A hamburger gets piles of lettuce and tomatoes on it. Salads get a generous dose of some sort of crumbled bacon.

    I think the most important thing, especially since you have no weight issues or health issues is to just add veggies to everything. If he HAS to have lunch meat, buy the healthiest of the unhealthy and pile on the veggies. Fajitas are great for me as he is eating peppers, salsa and lettuce.

    Also, if you quit nagging or even urging you might just find he is trying adding veggies to things like fajitas, etc. and that he likes salads. It is better to eat a lot of veggies with meat and less healthy things than it is to never eat them at all.

    Again, I eat TONS including my junk food favorites- Sloppy Joes, a 6" high stack of pancakes...I am getting hungry, LOL But I am still almost underweight. Deep fried foods are my weakness- I could eat an entire deep fryer basket of fried mushrooms and zucchini but I have low cholesterol. My dad was older when he had me. His generation fried everything in LARD and he had low cholesterol the day he passed away.

    My final point is, I think ones health is 90% heredity so I wouldn't stress out too much. As my husband has gotten older, he is more apt to go for the veggies because they are good for him. He is very intelligent so it cracks me up when we are out dinning and he will jokingly whisper, "Guess I should have ______________ because didn't' you say that was good for my___________.LOL Last time it was a romaine salad as leafy greens are good for colon health. So, I think this issue will get better the more you lay off and give him choices. My first victory was he actually had a veggie pizza instead of a meat lover's pizza. LOL You have to take it slow and you can add- I love you and want you to be around until we are ancient!!! Sometimes I make a joke out of it. I'll serve him an extra large serving of green beans and he will say he didn't want THAT many. I'll say, "we'll I don't want to have to use that life insurance to buy our dream home by myself- eat them! He'll grumble and then laugh and then we are talking and before long the beans are gone. My biggest challenge in all these years has still been SALT. He salts everything- even things that are salted and I can't sneak the No Salt in the shaker I have tried a few times and he hasn't bought that one. So, I just keep about 1/8" of salt in the shaker. I always tell him that we are almost out of salt and that is all we have. You would think such a smart guy would realize we have no been out of salt for over 20 years. LOL Kidding. He knows we are not but I think he is making an effort to cut back, he just is stubborn enough to let me think he believes my old "out of salt" story. LOL

    Also, while not ideal- low sodium V8 is a decent way to get a few veggie servings in. My hubby likes it as long as it is ice cold. Especially since we are often out of soda........ ;)

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    It's all about will power, self control and overall determination. When I was trying to lose weight I was all around food considered to be junk or unhealthy all the time. Cookies in the pantry near by, My family ordering fast food, or going out to restaurants and bringing home their left overs, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, you name it. I've been in the company of all kinds of unhealthy foods 24/7. You really need to exercise self control just as strong as your cravings or desire run. You're already losing the battle if you're telling yourself you have no self control, it's just like accepting your fate to be hopeless, and to give into living unhealthy. Don't give up that easy, it's there. You just have to fight for it. Fighting for wanting to have a healthy lifestyle, to co-exist with the temptations that will ALWAYS be there and decline it for the better. Ask your husband to keep them stowed away somewhere so that it isn't in your face all the time if that makes it easier. The fact that you're here now looking for help DOES show some will to take this problem on. Go the extra step =) Fight for it.

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    Ask him if he'd be willing to meet you in the middle.

    Like, you'll make pork chops or something but you want to add broccoli or salad. Then you can feel better that hes getting nutrients he needs and he can still eat what he wants. Let him keep what he wants, but add something better for him as well.

    Because it IS true. You arent his mom and getting in arguments over what he eats is terribly obnoxious. You have to pick your battles to have a happy marriage.

    Good luck.

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    It's an excuse to say you'd be a vegetarian if you weren't married to him. If that was something you wanted, you'd do it for yourself regardless of his choices. For 9 years I was a vegetarian while my husband wasn't. I encouraged him to eat healthy and I would not buy or cook any meat for him, if he wanted that, he bought and prepared it himself. Your saying you HAVE to cook meat for him or he won't eat it, you sound like either his mother or a servant, neither of which is your role.

    Your husband doesn't have to be vegetarian to be healthy. There are plenty of healthy meals that involve chicken and fish.

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    He isn't your child and you aren't his employee. If he wants something else for dinner besides the veggies and salad you prepare, he can go fetch his own dinner.

    You've told him you are concerned about his health, right? Well, that's all you can do - he's a big boy.

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    If he wants to eat he has two choices and two choices only. He will eat what you give to him, or he will get off his butt and fix food himself. Otherwise, he will starve. You can get lean meats and seasoning that is healthy and has no sugar in it.

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    There is this wonderful cookbook written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife, called,"Deceitfully Yours". In it, she puts broccoli in chocolate cake & all kinds of veggies are hidden in bad food. Check it out.

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    Go to Maybe you could find something on Mike Adams' website that could be useful.

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    give him incentives... there are things men like more than food and we will skip the food we really want if you provide something worth giving it up for... if you catch my drift...

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