Best way to go about getting a non-local job?

I have just recently graduated college and have been applying to jobs all over the US, but haven't got any callbacks yet. What's the best way to get an out of town job? Should I go through a staffing agency? Use Monster/ Find job postings on online media sites in other cities? Do I need to have some other consideration? Should I mention the fact that I want to relocate in my cover letter, or just write the cover letter as I normally would?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    We are just coming out of a bad recession. Firms have not started hiring yet. That is the problem you are facing.

    Yes. You should mention that you would be happy to relocate at your own expense. However, it is much easier for firms to hire someone who already resides in the city. Besides in this job market there are lot of local candidates, that have no need to fly in out-of-town candidates for interviews. So, it is better if you move to a big city and start your search as a local candidate. This will allow you to visit job fairs, or meet recruiting agents in person. Scan the local job listings, attend events where you can meet people and build contacts. It will at least help you develop networking skills and confidence.

    Apply for internships. Offer to work as intern when responding to an ad for you don't have enough experience. If you show interest and learn fast, they may hire you full time after the internship.

    You can work with the placement center at your university. Use all the help and resources they can provide you. They usually have list of firms that have hired interns in the past. Get alumni contacts in the firms you like and touch base with them. Ask them about internships. If there is no internship, ask for informational interviews and go meet them. This helps your networking skills. If you are able to connect with them, they might let you know should an internship or entry-level opportunity come up.

    Try part time jobs at school or volunteer to keep yourself busy during this time. Also think about taking a class or learning some skills in the meanwhile. Good Luck.

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