Tokio Hotel Family: Holy...?

I was just looking up remixes & such on youtube & found this...

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am i the only one who thinks they killed the song....Mein Gott if Bill could get that i high he would break every window in a 12 mile Radius


- Date Gustav or Hug Bill?

- Tom teach you guitar or jump on a trampoline with Georg for 2 hours?

- Raid Bill's closet or Georg's hair products?

- Tokio Hotel or ......Tokio Hotel? *gasp*

- Did you secretly like the version of Monsoon that i just showed you? (be honest)


Oh extra question!

- Do you miss the surveys & polls we used to do? *sniffle* i do :[

Update 2:

*sigh* I love stupid people sometimes.

Update 3:

›αlíєn tσ lσvє♡‹ - omg! i didn't recognise you! You changed your name & pic & everything lol

Don't worry, i have no life either.

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    That isn't a remix. That's making it unpleasantly high pitched.


    -Hug Bill and hang on to him like a limpet.

    -Tom Teach me his guitar because where ever Tom is, Bill won't be far Ü

    -Raid Bills closet, and then he'll be like 'what are you doing going through my stuff! Wanna hang out? Wanna get married o_O' and then after briefly questioning his mental state I'd be like 'mmmmkay!' and we would live happily ever after >:D

    - NEITHER!!! I have a NEW favorite band *dun dun duuuuuun* Their name is Black Questionmark and they kick TH's A$$E$! O__O

    -No, he sounded like someone had kicked him in the stomach and he was screaming, the music in the background sounded like a drill.

    OMJ you read my MIND o_O YES! I miss them, bring them back!!!

    LOL I love stupid people, that comment made my day.

    Is Alien to love Cinema Bizzare? I haven't looked yet, I'm guessing because they wanted to change their picture and name?


  • I laughed SO hard at that picture! xDDDDDDDD

    - Hug Bill. I love my Gusti, but I love Bill quite a bit more. It'd be an awkward situation to be in :/

    - Tom teach me guitar. Why? That requires way more than two hours. The more time spent with a band member, the better ;D (Though, it was a tough choice. xD)

    - Raid Bill's closet. I bet I couldn't fit into anything of his because he's so thin and tall, which I'm neither, but at least I'd have something :)

    - Oh gosh...why make me choose?! That's so cruel! ...uh, Tokio Hotel. NO, wait...Tokio Hotel... Can they just tie? xD

    - No. It was like listening to nails against a chalkboard. I only lasted 5 seconds into the song O_o

    - A bit. Mostly I just answered them in my head, but I still miss them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol that song OMG version I got half way through it until I started getting a headache It was strange, lol someone said on youtube comment he got kicked in the balls a lot XD so mean, But for the poll.

    1. Date Gustav =)

    2. Tom Teach me Guitar I seriously need to learn lol

    3..Raids Bills Closet if you can get buy the million of leather jackets.

    4. Tokio Hotel.

    5. Yes until i started to give me a headache lol.

  • Gah! That was one painful experience. I gotta say. Then again, if we're being honest here, if I could get my voice to that pitch, I would would use it for several reasons I could probably list off the top of my head ...


    - Hug Bill

    - I would probably have to keep leaving to throw up out of nervousness if Tom was teaching me guitar, so the trampoline sounds like a less stressful time ... but then again, Ich LEIBE Tom! teha ... so I'd go with the guitar ; )

    - Bill's closet. Though maybe I'd take some of George's stuff when he wasn't looking .. eh nah, I'd feel bad ...

    - Tokio Hotel *gasp* haha there is a difference I see it =p

    - Well, I wouldn't download it, but I did listen to the whole thing ... Idk what that would mean for me though ...

    (I use too many "..." eh?)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    O.O think that ruined the song for me...wait a minute!

    *gets ipod and listens to monsoon*

    Nope still kick a$$ haha...Yeah...That killed the song a little bit haha


    Date Gustav! He's like a teddy bear lol

    I know how to play the guitar....but hehe maybe I still need lessons XD

    Bill's Closet!!!!!!!! OMG! If I had five minutes in there I would have my wardrobe set for life!

    Tokio Hotel????

    I thought it was funny haha but it kinda made my ears hurt haha

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh mein gott... that was torture..and I only listened to it for 20 seconds. Jeeeezz, was someone high when they made that remix or what :S


    I would date Gustav

    Tom teach me guitar...even though I can already play the guitar quite well :P

    Raid Bill's closet

    Hmmm I'd have to go with...TOKIO HOTEL ;)

    Did I secretly like that version?..Umm HELL no.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Hug Bill <3

    Tom teach me guitar, only I wouldn't learn cause I'd just be staring at him....

    Bill' closet! If only his clothes would fit me!!

    SO hard to choose!!! I think I'll go with Tokio Hotel = D

    I hated it, seriously, munchkins trying to make a rock song into hip-hop or whatever that was....

    He looks more like his twin LMAO!!! Honestly, people are more ignorant as time progresses XD

  • Yea.....that totally killed the song......bill sounds like a werid chipmunk in


    hug bill

    have tom teach me the guitar

    definitely raid bills closet.....bills clothes won't fit me though :(

    Tokio hotel !

    NO i didn't .....i like the original Monsoon a whole lot better

  • 1 decade ago

    Dude...that song makes my ears want to bleed.

    I lasted 30 seconds...then it went off.

    Ok, now I'm listening to REAL Monsoon ;]

    Poll :

    That's tough...Date Gustav

    Tom teach me guitar!

    Raid Bill's closet, could I steal a few things...?

    Tokio Hotel :D

    No I did not :P

    I like this remix the most

    Youtube thumbnail

  • 1 decade ago




    Tom teach me guitar

    Raids bill closet (I wonder what his pyjamas are like)(jumps on a plane to track down tokio hotel)

    Tokio HOTEL!!!!

    It was SchiBe

    I really do miss the polls WWWWWAAAAHHHHH!

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