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Atheists, do you ever wish there was a God, so He could send that 1 Corinthians guy straight to hell?

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    If there was a God the Corinthians dude would be sent to a lesbian separatist collective community for the weekend.

    Believe one would EVER hear from him again.

    There's one on the North Coast of NSW called Amazon Acres...I am willing to start the collection for his airfare off with a $50 donation.

    Any others want to help out? It may not be a tax deductible cause....but it is certainly a Humanitarian mission.

    Source(s): They have PLENTY of land on which to hide the one will ever find him.
  • holden
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    properly of direction. Who would not want an all-useful sky daddy to bypass to for suggestion and help? I wish my genuine dad and mom have been nonetheless alive for the comparable reason. of direction the project that somewhat believers have is they pray to their make-have self belief sky daddy and get no answer, and prefer job, they ask your self why, what have they achieved incorrect, does God no longer care, is He offended? it is all of the comparable element primitives went via. If there's a drought, are the gods offended? If there's a flood, are the gods offended? If there's a solid harvest, are the gods overjoyed? I decrease out the middle of the enemy captives and the eclipse ended. Do the gods want human sacrifice? I gave my appropriate lamb to the clergymen and my spouse had an consumer-friendly delivery of our toddler. Do the gods want me to furnish animals to the clergymen? yet events are random, and no rely which way it is going, the priest/con artist consistently has a waiting clarification to in high-quality condition the condition through fact the gods in no way clarify themselves straight away, in basic terms as in the e book of job as his buddies all have solutions for why God is doing this or that or no longer something and how it is job's fault. and that i think i opt to assert that in basic terms through fact i'm an atheist now, i'm particularly open to and nonetheless actively in seek of evidence that there is a few thing greater. i'm no longer an atheist through fact i want there to be no god. some distance from it. i'm an atheist through fact all of the gods adult men propose consequently some distance become frauds. no person needs it to be otherwise greater effective than I do.

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    Heh. I wish there was a God for a lot of reasons...that being one of them ;)

    The other most prominent reason is that if there is a God, there may be a Heaven, and I have known many people that deserve eternal happiness. They're that awesome.

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    im not an Atheists, but do you the meaning of Hell is the graveyard of man kind? Because there is a God but imagine this....

    Imagine there's little kid, and when he is bad his parents take him to the stove and burn his hands for being bad. Wouldnt you want to help this kid out? Because this isnt loving?

    Our God is loving and he wouldn't want us to suffer in a place call Hell fire? why would someone loving want to make us suffer for doing something incorrect?

    do you know the story of Job? He told God... "Who will grant me this, that thou mayest protect me in hell [Sheol]*, and hide me till thy wrath pass?"

    To Job, Hell was simply the graveyard of mankind where he asked God to take him to Hell where he would have protection.

    The lake of fire has a meaning similar to that of "the fiery Gehenna [hell fire, King James Version]" that Jesus spoke of. (Matthew 5:22; Mark 9:47, 48) Gehenna occurs 12 times in the Christian Greek Scriptures, and it refers to the valley of Hinnom, outside the walls of Jerusalem. When Jesus was on earth, this valley was used as a garbage dump, "where the dead bodies of criminals, and the carcasses of animals, and every other kind of filth was cast." (Smith's Dictionary of the Bible) The fires were kept burning by adding sulfur to burn up the refuse. Jesus used that valley as a proper symbol of everlasting destruction.

    *The Hebrew word Sheol occurs 65 times in the Hebrew Scriptures and is rendered "hell," "grave," and "pit" in the King James Version.

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    We don't need a god to take care of people like that. They tend to put themselves into Hell, right here on earth.

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    Anyone that persistent about something so stupid is already there. Clearly he has no friends.

    You, on the other hand, look very friendly with your pink dress and hairy chest. What kind of meds are you off? I hope it's not birth control, considering the getup. :)

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    I would just really like it if he could figure out how to read the rest of the Bible. I mean for crying out loud there are Atheists who have read more of the Bible than him.

    Another fine example of an Anorexic Christian.

    Source(s): Anorexic Christian- a term used to define a Christian who hasn't read enough of the Bible to understand diddly squat but wants to preach about it anyways. (definition for the day)
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    u don't need a god to send ppl like that to hell they do that to themselves but it's a living hell by a 2000yr old + book in the 21st century

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    1 decade ago

    Oh darling, you have no idea how much I wish that...

    Would you believe that he reported me several times for repeated postings? I thought the gin had finally gotten to me or that I was seeing things when I got the VNs!

  • 1 decade ago

    Wow didn't know the guy was a problem until I saw this post right after I responded to on of his question :(

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