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Whats the difference between the bar code(UPC) on a product, and the bar code on the coupon of that product..?

Whats the difference between the bar code(UPC) on a product, and the bar code on the coupon of that product..

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    This is a rather complicated question! Let me try to reduce it down to the basic elements. . .

    First, the UPC code on a product is an 11 digit number followed by a mathematically calculated check digit. (If you are curious as to how that calculation is done, please visit our check digit page at

    The coupon code for any given product can take several forms. The easiest form is that of a 12-digit code at the front, consisting of:

    - UPC prefix 5 indicating that it is a coupon,

    - followed by digits 2 through 6 of the UPC number of the product for which the coupon is intended,

    - followed by a 3-digit family code selected by the manufacturer or the retailer for whom it's intended,

    - followed by a 2-digit value code from the coupon value code table indicating the % off or $ off or whatever value of the coupon

    - followed by the new mathematically calculated check digit

    Most coupons then feature a second barcode, called the coupon extended code. This extended code can take several forms. The simplest one includes the applicationa identifier (8100) plus a 5-digit offer code selected by the manufacturer. This code is designed to allow the manufacturer to track each coupon offer.

    There are versions of the extended code that add an expiration date and others that add household IDs.

    This is a very general overview. If you need additional details, please contact us at

    Hope this helps!

    Your friends at Simply Barcodes

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    UPC Barcodes are a series of 12 numbers and a graphic image(the bars), that are use to identify an item to be purchased.

    The UPC barcode will contain the item price, description, etc.

    Coupon barcode are structured a little differently, and current standards are calling for a two part coupon barcode, to help in discouraging fraudulent coupons.

    Coupons barcodes contain information about the item being purchased, and also indicate whether a price reduction, or a buy one get one free offer for the item should be included.


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