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.357 or .45 ACP ?


oops i forogt to say SD.

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    Now that's a good comparison. Most times people compare the 9mm to the 40 S&W or to the 45 ACP.

    Assuming you can have only one, I'll go with the .357 Mag revolver. Very effective for self defense, powerful enough for hunting, capable of shooting .38 Special for practice and plinking, inherently accurate with its fixed barrel, reliable, and only needs an additional trigger pull in the event of a misfire.

    The advantage of the .45 ACP 1911 is that it is faster shooting and faster to reload, and the 45 ACP cartridge delivers a large bullet that doesn't need to rely on expansion. Perhaps a better fighting handgun, but not nearly as versatile as the .357 Mag.

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    For me it depends upon the manufacturer, model, and type of ammunition, and situation. I'd choose a Colt Defender over a snub nose .357, any day. But if it were a situation that didn't call for concealment I'd go with a 6" barrel magnum.

    Overall, I like the .357 Sig better then either caliber.

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    I would say the .357 is much better than the .45 for SD. Might even be a little overkill. Now if we are talking BD, FD, RD, XD, or ZD, I would have to think about that.

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    Smith & Wesson or Ruger Brand in 357 Magnum is the Best no-nonsense man stopper that has been tried, true, tested and proved to be the Best using 125 grain jacketed hollow points for Self-defense ammo.* You can also shoot 38 caliber ammo in a 357 magnum.* You get two (2) handguns for the price of one.*

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    Both are outstanding SD calibers. You might consider asking, revolver or Semi and go from there.

    I carry both and I'm very comfortable with either.

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    Depends on what you are using it for however I prefer the .357

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    Both are excellent calibers for SD, you just have to decide if you want a revolver or a semi auto.

    Source(s): I own a Ruger .357 and a Colt .45 acp
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    What's it for? If it's for hunting, definitely go with the .357.

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    For what? For SD/HD both will work wonderfully.

    At that point it's what you want.

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    colt 45

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