Will my 3 year old child ever desire to learn her ABCs and 123s?

We have a 4 yr old who soaks up books and is already advanced in her preschool class. Then we have a 3 yr old who is determined not to learn her letters and numbers. I'm truly worried that she's going to grow up illiterate or flipping burgers. We read to the girls every night and try to get my 3 year old to learn. Will her learning switch ever flip to on? Help!

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    I'm sure she will eventually, and all kids are different of what they like. She may like dolls this year, but may like princess next year...ect. I'm sure once she get's around other kids her age in school, it'll be a fun experience for her. My 2 year old loves this website(we tried it out since she was 1) and it's actually very educational! It's http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=30&e=gamesl...

    It has online games and fun activities, for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. :) everything from numbers, colors, shapes, abc's....and more.

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    Your four year old has already the family niche of the literate bookworm. Your three year old might have decided to go for another niche. It is not uncommon in families, that children choose interests that are very different from each other, especially when the siblings are very close to each other in age. Do not pressure your younger girl to get literate. She is still young and she might do much better learning in preschool than at home, because in preschool there won't be a much smarter older sister who already mastered the skills she is struggling with. Do appreciate your younger one for the skills at which she excels. I'm sure there are plenty.

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    You are making the mistake by comparing your two children to each other. Have you asked her teacher if she knows them? I have a two yr old in my class who sings the abcs in the potty but will not sing them with the class. How have you tried teaching her? Maybe she is not an audio learner and needs to see them while she sings. Teach her the alphabet in sign language maybe that will help her. Every child learns differently and at a different pace so try a different method.

    You needs to be patient and don't ever let her hear you talk bad about her being "slow" compared to her sister.

    My brother and I are 18months apart. He is better at math and science and I am better at English and History. She might be technically inclined where as her sister might not be. Just because she is not reading at three does not be she is destined to flip burgers.

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    I agree teaching her the ABC song may help with her learning them, but, not all kids really understand that they are singing the alphabet and not just a regular song. So to help reinforce the song you might want to get the "My First A Book" line. These books are dedicated to the learning and correct pronounciation of the alphabet, with each individual book catering to a different letter from A-Z. I was a teacher's aid for K-2 grade and we used thes books frequently for phonics, spelling, etc. As far as learning numbers, there are plenty of games you can make up to make numbers fun. Ex. If you cook dinner every night have her help count how many ingretients you may need for dinner, use her favorite toys to help her count, or when you're out have her count (if she knows colors) how many times she sees a certain color. If those don't work V-Cast game system has a huge assortment of educational video games for ages PreK-6grade. They use the charachters young children are used to seeing everyday on tv and in the movies, to play math, spelling, reading, and other school subjects games. I bought one for a friend's little girl and boy ages 3 & 5. Both of them loved tv and video games, but, the 5 yo hated to sit at the table and do homework. When he started playing the video games he began to like school work and eventullay didn't mind sitting at the table doing homework.

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    Do not compare your children, children have different personalities and develop at different speeds. Find more creative ways to teach your 3 year old by first finding out what she likes. I have a 2 and a half year old and she enjoys her ABC's and 123's however, she stills likes to sit under a table and go poop in her pull up when she thinks no one is looking. lol. My son did not speak English until he was three and now he is a teenager in one of the most prominent high schools in the state. Your baby will be fine.

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    Maybe your 3 year old is interested in different things. Every child is different and have their own talents and I think you need to focus on those and nurture them.

    In my family I'm the eldest and naturally academic and have a few qualifications and a professional job. My younger brother is not academic all but has a natural ability in mechanics and engineering and has had lots of success working in those areas. My parents did a really good job of encouraging us in what we enjoyed and were naturally good at - I hope to do the same with my children :)

  • Yep, it will come! Some kids just aren't interested that young. Two of mine weren't. They would rather be off playing and using their imaginations. The other two are little bookworms!

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    Kids learn differently from one another. Some will pick it up faster, some slower.

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