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Manual transmission grids going into 5th gear?

I have a 2001 mustang with a manual transmission. whenever i shift from 4th to 5th my transmission grinds a little bit. When i push the clutch in and wait till the engine drops below 2000 rpms it doesnt grind at all. What could be causing this?

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    possible bad synchronizer for the fifth gear in the tranny.

  • siva
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    in rather reality, 5th is an overdrive kit; and you should dam it out completely and force the automobile for it is entire life without it. 5th only saves gas. earlier 1980 very few autos had overdrive transmission and a brilliant kind of them are nonetheless on the line. I, myself, have a 1965 chevy pickup that maintains to be completely funtional and it has no overdrive. .......... and that i will permit you in on somewhat customary reality. maximum financial gadget autos honestly will sustain a some distance better velocity in fourth kit.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Too high in rpms if you have a 6th gear go for that instead

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