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can i use medication on my clawed frog?

i have a 5 gallon tank (he will be in a 10 gallon tank once he gets a little bigger) with one African clawed frog and nothing else. about a month ago i discovered the tank had little parasites all over the glass and in his webbing. (i asked a question when i first discovered them but i didnt get a good answer). about a week ago i smashed most of the parasites and there are now not that many. i am going to a pet store in a couple days and i want to know if it is okay to use a parasite medicine on the frog. i am pretty sure african clawed frogs are sensitive to medication, so please only answer if you have had or have an african clawed frog and you used a medication on it and what happened. or if you are positive it wont hurt them than say that. i will choose a best answer if there is a good answer.



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    wait. You didn't say if the frog has parasites or not.

    oh I just read again and saw that you said they are over his webbing.

    I have ACFs but I have never treated them. I do know they are more sensitive than most fishes though, so I don't know how they will react to the treatment.

    I would try moving him and treating the tank. Hopefully the parasites on his webbing will dissappear on there own after the tank is clean again.

    I believe the parasites developed because there was nothing to get reid of them in the tank. After you get rid of the parasites you should try getting a snail or maybe some ghost shrimp to keep with him

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