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What proof or evidence can atheists provide that atheism is accurate and correct (Atheist stumped see below)?

I was listening to a live Atheist debate show where an atheist was asked that question. You can turn your speakers up and hear it at


Anyways not one atheist was able to provide proof and evidence that atheism was accurate and correct and as a bold atheist myself I was disheartened at the lack of preparedness of our fellow atheists calling into the show. They were the laughing stock of the show, how would you answer the question as I think it is key that us atheists have proof and evidence that we are right. Where is the proof? Please help I would like to call into the radios how myself tonight.

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  • Kwark
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    Atheism doesn't make any claims, therefore proof isn't necessary.

    So you see the question doesn't make any sense.

    Its difficult to find a lateral comparison but here we go.

    You claim to have a son, who no one has ever seen, mother unknown, you have no photos, no place of birth, actually you have nothing except for a old documents with a vague description of a boy that has non of your traits. (up till now it still within the realms of reality) Then you say he is invisible. (at this point we know you are bonkers)

    I say do you have any evidence that he exists or that he is your son.

    You then say, prove to me that you are accurate and correct?

    I don't need to provide proof, as you are the one that's making the claim. Besides, it sounds totally barmy!

    Atheist have a need to make sense, theist are quite happy with any nonsense.

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    It is the total inability of theists to substantiate their claim with evidence that ultimately legitimizes atheism. It is the believers, not the atheists, who bear the burden of proof.

    A negative assertion (God does not exist.) can never be proved because countless unexamined alternatives, where God might still be hidden, will always remain to be inspected.

    A positive assertion (God does exist.) could be logically proved, but no believer has ever been able to provide verifiable evidence of God's existence, beyond wishful Solipsistic thinking. The logical burden of proof belongs to those who assert God is real, but they have always failed to substantiate their claim. Thus, their assertion is false and God has never been proved to exist. Without verifiable evidence, superstitious belief is the worst of all possible reasons to accept the impossible.

    American criminal courts use exactly the same logic. It is the burden of the Prosecution, who asserts that John Doe did the crime, to substantiate their accusation with convincing evidence. If they can't do that, then the accused is considered not guilty, because the assertion has not be substantiated with valid evidence.

    Atheism is accurate and correct because those who assert that God exists cannot substantiate their claim with convincing evidence. Thus, their unfounded assertion is false and God does not exist.

    Addendum: The root of the problem is that most believers ascribe to obsolete Solipsistic thinking and presume their subjective mental experiences actually are real. Most atheists know that objective (physical) reality exists independently of their mind and that their subjective mental experiences are created by their own living brain.

  • Anonymous
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    No proof needed.

    Atheism is not a religion, it's a state of being. We're all atheists when we are born. Therefore, it's the theists making the claim, the burden of proof rests on them, yet they're unable to present anything other than pseudoscience and faulty arguments.

    I bet those theists who try and pull the "prove that God DOESN'T exist" card haven't tried to prove that the FSM doesn't exist, the countless other gods don't exist, or disprove the existence of a 13-legged dragon in my basement, yet they probably don't believe in any of the above. Yet they'll probably never even realise the illogical nature and hypocrisy of their own argument.

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    so some distance as theists bypass in this communicate board i'm in all probability between the main "Orthodox" and slightly an apologist junkie. once I study a declare like; "Atheism is a humanist faith." a flag is going up. Atheism is a rejection of an ideology. it is precisely the territory of cognitive people. If babies are atheists so are canines and timber. Your declare is in basic terms unsuitable, atheism isn't a faith yet fairly the stated rejection of it. "Humanism" aside (Who isn't a humanist) atheism isn't a faith. learn greater stable. Edit; "To disbelieve you are able to have self belief." have you ever particularly concept this out? those are no longer severe apologetics...there is no explanation of the religion here, in basic terms nonsense. you have needless to say achieved some learn, yet curiously no longer adequate.

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  • Anonymous
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    Atheism is a default position.

    Those who claim to follow a religion can't provide any proof that they are correct. Though many claims of the "holy" texts have been disproved.

  • Noctis
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    Atheism is a lack of belief in (a) god(s). How does one prove something doesn't exist? Burden of proof is on those who make the claim that the thing in question actually exists. Atheists basically say there is no evidence therefore I do not accept that god exists.

  • Anonymous
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    Proof that there is no God can be seen in the non-existence of super-natural phenomen in the world. Everything that occurs can be directly linked to other earth-bound causes it looks like. Life is just a game of probabilities and things happen all time that don't have a high chance of occuring. Therefore, there is no God that has a hand in anything.

  • 6 years ago

    Playing along with this sophistry again:

    Proof that Atheism is Accurate and Correct:

    • A belief system is “accurate” and “correct” if every belief it contains is true, and no belief it contains is false.

    • “Atheism” means not having a belief in deities.

    • So, atheism has no beliefs.

    • So, atheism has no false beliefs.

    • Every belief atheism contains is true, and no belief atheism contains is false.

    • Therefore, atheism is accurate and correct. QED

    Unless, of course, you think it’s nonsensical to apply “accurate” or “correct” to a nonbelief. But in that case, your question would be meaningless.

    Incidentally, that website ran a smear campaign centered based on that question:

    Youtube thumbnail

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is no certain proof that a god does not exist. But scientific research has proven that the creation of modern man and woman, Adam and Eve in 4004 BC is incorrect.

    Belief of a god usually happens at a very young age due to indoctrination into religon by trusted parental figures.

    Source(s): The Holy Bible = Collection of fairy tales (I prefer jack and the bean stock)
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    You don't quite grasp the concept of atheism, do you?

    We don't believe in any gods. We don't state that is has been proven that no gods exist. There is simply no proof one way or the other, and unlike you, we decided that believing in something without proof is silly.

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