Who will win the OTHER year end champs in Bali?

our entrants..:

No.12 Marion Bartoli

No.13 Samantha Stosur

No.19 Yanina Wickmayer

No.27 Anabel Medina Garrigues

No.31 Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez

No.32 Shahar Peer

No.39 Melinda Czink

No.42 Agnes Szavay

No.44 Aravane Rezai

No.46 Magdalena Rybarikova


No.25 Sabine Lisicki

No.100 Kimiko Date Krumm

So I want Rezai, Medina Garrigues, or Wickmayer, and I'm thinking that Wickmayer will win it..How nice would it be if Krumm won though..



Those girls are the top 10 (ranked) girls that have won an International Tournaments (there like Tier III and IV), and are not taking place in Doha (like Vera and Wozniacki, etc have won International Tourneys. The idea was to get people more involved with the lower tournaments. Since it goes GS, Premier 5, Premier Mandatory, Premier, and International. And they actually asked Clijsters and Sharapova, but they said no.

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    My pick is Yanina Wickmayer. She has had a breakout season, reaching the U.S. Open semifinals and winning a title after a post U.S. Open hangover. She has the game and the attitude to perhaps be in the other Year-End Championships next year. My other contenders are as follows:

    Magdalena Rybarikova. She, like Wickmayer, broke through and won her first title this year. She has a good serve(unlike most women these days), and is developing into a nice all court player.

    Samantha Stosur. She has probably had the biggest leap this year, considering she was a doubles player, for the most part with limited success in singles. Armed with a powerful serve, and a terrific net game, she could be a major threat. Inconsistency is her only problem.

    Agnes Szavay. She burst onto the scene in 2007, getting to the final at New Haven and the quarterfinals at the U.S. Open, but has largely slumped until 2009. She is as talented as she is shaky. Will the Agnes of the French Open(when she hammered Venus 6-0 6-4) or will the Agnes of 2008(when she seemingly went into hibernation) show up? It should be quite interesting to find out.

    Rezai, Medina Garrigues, Czink, Peer, and Martinez Sanchez don't have the firepower to trouble the players I mentioned above. Bartoli is the real wild card. You never know how she will play.

    What I find most interesting about this tournament is why it's being held, and here's why:

    1. Location. Most people don't even know where Bali is(Indonesia). Furthermore, it's so far away, if it were on TV, it would be on when most people are heading to work back in the States. Not ideal when you are trying to promote your sport, and get some of the lesser known, up-coming players some exposure.

    2. TV coverage. Is this tournament even on in the U.S.? If it is, it's probably on the Tennis Channel(which most people, including me, don't get, but that's a whole different story). It might be wise to get at least part of this tournament on free cable or over the air TV, if possible.

    3. Timing. Why hold this AFTER the regular year-ending Championships? Most fans will think the year is over, and not even pay this tournament any mind. Hold it the week BEFORE the regular YEC, and fans might notice. Plus, they may think it's a regular event, anyway.

    I think it's nice that players who were not eligible for Doha to have a YEC to play in, and, unlike most people, I was a Wickmayer backer during the U.S. Open(see my previous posts), and it's great to see her and Stosur, Rybarikova, Szavay, etc. have something like this to play in, but a number of factors may make this irrelevant. I would watch it because I love tennis, but i'm not sure everybody would feel that way.

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    Wait...what the heck? How were the entrants placed in this tournament? Like where the **** is the supermom Kim Clijsters....hello why the hell is Kimiko Date Krumm a wildcard here? She won a title, but I'm sure there are other more deserving candidates, and why the hell is Sabine a wildcard? She won her title this year and has a good enough ranking. Wow after seeing this list I'm REALLY confused on how they got to Bali and why other people aren't in it...to be honest though I'm not too big on any of the girls here, although I'll go with Yanina Wickmayer since I've always loved to pronounce her name.

    Edit: Okay that makes sense that they declined the offer to compete here which is why they aren't playing, although I am still confused on why Krumm is here when she has a losing record for the season, regardless of how awesome it was for her to win it is kind of ridiculous that she is participating (imo) when she has a losing record for the season...Mexy, I agree, Bartoli is better than many of these girls by a large margin, and while Sam could theoretically take her out she has way too many days where she plays badly, Sanchez could be a threat with her weird style.

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    Well im gonna rank players based on who has the best chance at winning


    2-Peer (she has been playing really well recently)



    5- (assuming she gets in) Lisicki


    7-Matrinez Sancez


    9-Medina Garrigues (i never see her do well)

    10-Date Krumm



    Bartoli is unarguably the best player out of that bunch by a relatively large margin, and in my opinion the competition deteriorates after Szavay. Im hoping to see Szavay and Peer go really far cus i saw them break through in the US Open a few years ago, and i saw both of them drop significantly. So yeah it would be nice to see two players with a lot of talent from some small countries make a splash. And Peer has been on a role recently. I think she won two tourneys, a semifinal and a final?

    Stosur i would like to see do well and Wickmayer. Wickmayer is a really young player and this can definately help her with some big matches in her future cus this is a big tournament. And with Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin coming back, I believe she has to come up to the plate and perform as a top 20 or top 15 player, cus maybe Belgium can get a Fed Cup next year (thats my prediction).

    I kinda think Garrigues and Sanchez are a bit overrated in their "rankings" cus i only see them underperform. I think i just saw Garrigues in one semi, but obviously she won one too.

    Krumm obviously great comeback story, Lisicki could use experience.

    Czink, Rezai, Rybarikova i have no idea but they are the bottom tier so i dont see them doing well

    And i think Clijsters didnt enter cus of Jada, Sharapova probably gonna focus solely on next year and practice like crazy.

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    I think Marion Bartoli is a strong contender for this title. She has a tendency to perform good at intervals or at certain times of the year. I mean she can beat Venus one day and then lose to a lower ranked player. However, she has no top players to contend with so she will go for the win at this tournament.

    Agnes Szavay or Stosur may give give her some resistance but she will come through at the end.

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    Sabine Lisicki

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