How did the Republican party ever become associated with Christian values?

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    The civil rights movement.

    Look up "Solid South" on wikipedia.

    The deep south is very racist and very Christian. Always has been, always will be, no sense in trying to explain it.

    The Democratic Party used to be the Southern racist party. They won by huge margins in every election for almost a century because of their racist policies.

    Starting in the 1950's, the Democrats began to support civil rights. By this time, the modern divisions of Dems being pro-labor and Repubs being pro-business had emerged. Since the Dems were supposedly the people's party, they needed to be nicer to the people.

    This didn't go over well in the South, and they revolted. They even tried to form their own parties to replace the Democrats, mixing liberal economic views with conservative social policies. They didn't work.

    The 1964 and 1968 elections changed everything. Barry Goldwater, religious reactionary, ran on the Republican ticket against LBJ in 64 and got killed everywhere but the South. In 1968, Richard Nixon saw that trend and decided to openly target the Southerners. His "Southern Strategy" saw him essentially embrace religion and racism (two things he really wasn't passionate about) to get votes. It worked.

    Also, things have changed a lot since the 1960's and most of the Western world has realized that a literal interpretation of the Bible is silly and outdated. But southern and western US is the one shining exception to that. They have become downright militant with their religious views. So they are the Republican party's base.

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    Frank Schaeffer wrote an interesting book in which he hypothesizes that it started with the anti-abortion movement. It could have gone either way, but Republicans were the first to pick up on the idea that they could have this mass of single issue voters behind them if they just gave lip-service to the cause. If Democrats had been the first to welcome the group, fundamentalist churches would now be preaching that good Christians were of course Democrats and that Republicans were evil and anti-God.

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    I could no longer vote for Someone that Supports Abortion and The "Gay" Agenda;I changed from Democrat to Republican, when Bill Clinton was elected;Those two things will bring Judgment on an Individual or Nation:

    We are seeing this happen now; Most "Christians" are avoiding the Msg;

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    Christian values can be associated with Democratic or Republican beliefs -- it's just people who gather together usually gather with people like minded.

    Blessings !!

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    Back 30 or more years ago, the Christian Right made (and is still making) attempts to be more influential politically. The party they were most able to gain influence in and garner most votes in was the Republican party - being that most people in the South and the Bible Belt where in this party. The party, rather than have the foresight to see where this was headed, embraced this move because it brought votes. And now they are paying for it.

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    Because typically, the Republican party embodies conservativism. Christianity teaches social conservatism, so usually its equated with the Republicans.

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    The question should be... why did the Republican party give up on the Judeo - Christian ethic... and turn against the american people

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    There are Judeo/Christian ideals in the Republican platform.

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    Republicans favor social conservatism (ie, setting certain minimum standards for people's social lives, like not murdering unborn children, not doing drugs, etc.). Christians also favor social conservatism, so they tend to agree on social issues.

    Source(s): non-religious theist, former agnostic, always Republican
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    I think Newt Gingrich came up with the idea right before he divorced his second wife and married his third wife.

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