What are some good stocks to invest in?

I'm playing the stock market game at school and all of the stocks we've invested in are drags. Does anyone know of any good stocks to invest in that are good and solid, and that will go up marginally for the next few weeks?

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    The safest way to invest in equities is to choose companies you and your friends and family use and like on a daily basis. For example if you love Yahoo and think it's the greatest, invest in them. If you use and really like Crest tooth paste, invest in Proctor and Gamble etc.

    If you invest in companies that serve you well, you'll never go wrong.

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    you say that like you expect huge returns in a short amount of time, thats not how this works. but, in the name of fun, look for companies with new products being released, like microsoft and apple. read the business sections in the paper to see what companies are buying other companies. and look for stocks that are near their 52 week low, with very high 52 week highs.

    what goes down, will usually come up.

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    good stocks to invest in

    what if your money made you 1 - 10% or 10% to 200% per month

    with no risk at all,what if you dont need to work and just enjoy life

    what if you can watch your wealth growing while you are having fun






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    Of course, all this depends on how much funny money you have to play with...

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