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Hi, my bf has been working for Salem Group ( Temp agency) for 4 months for another company, the company told him that this friday is his last day that they cant afford him with the making of another company.. Can he collect unemployment? If so where and how do we apply, also he was thinking of getting Link card, but he doesnt have any children. thanks everyone for there response

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    I also worked at Salem for a brief time. Not certain I fully understand your question but I'll try to answer:

    If your bf is temping at this other company and they've decided to end

    his assignment on Friday then he would not be eligible for unemployment because he is still an employee of Salem Group. Even if he's on standby and waiting for Salem to assign him more work he is still technically employed.

    However, if Salem is letting him go then yes, he would be eligible for unemployment.

    You can apply online for unemployment at this site:


    You can apply for LINK here (they recently changed the name of the program to SNAP):


    Good Luck

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