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If aliens have made contact and are among us, then what are there plans?

What do they want with us? (Enslavement, Cooperation, Entertainment?)

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    According to the military, most alien species that are visiting us here on Earth are humanoid. In 1989, there were at least 57 catalogued species by the military. A few species look so much like us they could walk among us and we would not know, other than they have some very heightened senses compared to us.

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    The aliens are disappointed at our destructiveness and ignorance. We are also a danger to them when they are captured without their technology because we have treated them like prisoners, and worse.

    According to a source, there are different levels of advancements in intelligent races. It is believed that for every 10,000 civilizations that reach Earth's current level of development, only 1 makes it through to the next level of advancement.

    Apparently there is a universal rule where it is understood that various civilizations are only allowed to make contact with civilizations 'one level' below theirs. Therefore, the race of aliens that is visiting us now is only a step or 2 beyond our level but nowhere near the top of the tree of advanced species. Nonetheless, their understanding of the Universe is far greater than ours.

    To answer how they arrived here, aliens have discovered how to travel through traversable wormholes. They can travel 100 light years in 1 hour and 45 minutes real Earth time. Einstein himself proposed the notion that wormholes were possible in the space-time continuum and Einstein understood more about the universe than anyone before or after him. Turns out he was right.

    The only aggressiveness they have shown is towards nuclear bases and missiles. That is why aliens have made their presence known to the military but the military has asked the aliens not to make themselves known to the public because we will panic.

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    The reason the Government hasn't come public with this information is because the Government is as much in the dark as everyone else. Aside from a few military and contractors that are reverse-engineering their spacecraft, this is beyond top secret. It is the highest and most protected secret of our history, moreso than nuclear weapons.

    The universe teems with life and even intelligent life. What it does not teem with is highly developed technologies well beyond current human technology, although by earth standards there are a fair few of these given the vastness of the universe.

    President Reagan believed in aliens:

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    President Clinton believed in aliens but he could not obtain information about them:

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    Aliens have been detected on military radar and threatened our airliners:

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    The reason the media doesn't report any of this is that due to a UFO incident over Washington D.C. in 1952 (look it up), the CIA infiltrated the media and controlled it's programming at the highest levels. There were thousands of witnesses in 1952 and since the aliens buzzed the White House, the Government told the CIA to make the UFO presence go away, no matter what. Control the media and you control people's minds.

    (All this is based on reliable source information, except the media/CIA connection. That piece is my own belief but research shows it is a credible conclusion).

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    Their plans are to turn as much as possible of the human race into a body of evidence to support that their way of running the universe is better than someone else's. They're here because of a legal matter. They're on the losing side, and want to bring humanity down with them. Look at the witness testimony and see whether everything does not support this.

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    It is impossible to wonder because life has proven to be random. Meaning ,thoughts and feelings for conscious minds tends to vary from individual to individual. so if you think of that from intelligent species to intelligent species the same random altercations and motives could occur. Personally it would either be really really good for us,(meaning technology capabilities, medicine, or even how their social or political ideologies operate) or really really bad!( Which could mean they would want our air, our resources, I doubt they would travel all this way to enslave us. with the technology they would need to get to us they could build unconscious machines to do their bidding)

    To say aliens do not exist is ignorant. With everything that is happening in our world with technology, medicine, we cannot be self centered. There are probobly life forms more primitive, as well as life forms more advanced. There are solar systems older than ours, and there are some younger. Space travel is so difficult, and intelligence needs to be so great that they could even fear us for our ways of living. Observation can produce knowledge, we dont need to talk to lab mice to study their way of living or understand them. I believe we have not made contact becuase our species is not ready. We have nothing to give them, if we have been visited, so why would they tell us anything.

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    they in many circumstances are rather. apparently, there have been incident examine that Nuclear centers international extensive have have been given close down in volatile aspects... I even have not watched lots practise the perfect few days besides the undeniable fact that I concept i spotted a element out on the Nuke facility in Iran? i'm pondering what's going to take place with N. Korea. in the event that they're rather, they're of a extra effectual intelligence and in this situation I would desire to sense they seem to be a extra loving entity than ourselves. Earth is the trailer park of the universe. We provide a contribution no longer something to the collective nicely of the universe and we are hell bent on destroying ourselves and a few element remotely almost us. The scourge of the universe. that interior of reason discouraging to me.

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    Aliens don't exist, Shawn.

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    We have no idea whether they exist, whether they are among us. It follows we don't know their intentions if they happen to be.

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    we dont even know if they exist... how are we going to know their plans.

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