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Which QB should I start in Week 8?

My regular QB is Tom Brady and he has a bye. There are legit no qbs available in my league. The choice is between Mark Sanchez or Alex Smith.

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    I would start Alex Smith this week. He looked brilliant after filling in for Hill on Sunday and has some great talent around him (Frank Gore out of the backfield and Vernon Davis at tight end). Plus, they are playing at the Colts which is bound to be a shootout. Alex Smith wants to prove he's on the road to a comeback, start him with confidence!

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    Only the Broncos and Jets have given up fewer fantasy points to opposing QBs than the Colts. The Colts have given up two passing TDs and 1 running TD to a QB all year. In contrast, the dolphins have given up 10 total QB TDs. Although Smith looked prety good last week, the D is tougher this week. I'd give a slight edge to Sanchez.

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    I'd go with Alex Smith. Sanchez is struggling and Smith should ahve a spark under him with the chance to be the starter again. Plus he has better weapons than Sanchez (Vernon Davis, Crabtree).

    See what RotoCourt says (

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    It's a toss up, but if I were you I would start Smith. Yes Sanchez is higher in the rankings, but he has been horendous for the past 3 weeks, while smith came in and looked like a superhero in his first action of the year.

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    I would start Sanchez as Smith is playing a tough Colts defense and probably won't get anywhere.

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    i would go with Sanchez. he has Edwards and Cotchery should be back this week. i would take my chances against Miami instead of Smith vs Indy.

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    I'd go Alex Smith against the colts in this one. Check out my blog in my profile ;]

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