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For those of you who assume we christians dont read the bible...?

The bible dosnt say to just read it, but it says to " search " the scriptures, as if searching for hidden treasure. Its like picking apples, first ya shake the whole tree ( read it from cover to cover )...then ya go back and look for apples that may not have fallen ( focus on certain areas )....then ya go back and search behind the leaves and the twigs ( a deeper search to make sure you didnt miss anything ).....isnt that what we christians call bible study?


I dont expect atheists to understand this because spiritual things are spiritually discerned....if you dont have the holy spirit, you wont understand what the bible is telling you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Hi Carol,

    I think most Christians do a shallow study of God's word. They really never take the time to do the hard work that is required in deeper study. This is the reason a few leave Christianity to become Agnostics.

    I also believe that those who give study to the Bible should pray first before reading the Bible. Ask God to help you to comprehend the passages that you read. The Bible can be a very complex book if you do not seek divine guidance.

    I agree we all need to do a deeper search and also be open minded to the truths that God is seeking to reveal to us through the Holy Spirit, even if it cuts against our Church traditions and personal opinions.

    Matthew 4:4

    Acts 17:11

  • 5 years ago

    i think of one reason Christians "assume" that non-Christians have not studied the Bible is through the fact maximum non-Christians could desire to care much less approximately what it has to declare. in fact, i comprehend lots of people who call themselves a Christian and have by no skill study one sentence interior the Bible. So I commend you for examining it and attempting to comprehend it. I in basic terms does not blame the Bible if I have been you. there are lots of people who are not coaching it top or residing it out the way God needs. Or their protecting of the gospel turns into attacking yet another man or woman, which opposes what they're coaching interior the 1st place. regrettably, a lot of human beings turn faraway from God as a results of fact of it. in case you rather learn the Bible, you will see that this difficulty is addressed many cases interior the hot testomony. thankfully, you do not ought to have memorized the full Bible to have self assurance. There are some Christians who've the understanding yet nonetheless do not comprehend God. yet there are a number of that've constrained awareness and yet stay the Bible. faith would not ought to do with head awareness, that is approximately believing alongside with your coronary heart. each now and then, even Christians forget that. Sorry in case you have gotten a undesirable effect. Please comprehend that no Christian is suited, they only rather need you to comprehend that what's interior the Bible can rather replace your existence in an mind-blowing way.

  • 1 decade ago

    Without looking it up or using google or any other resource, tell me.......what was the name of the Gentile that Paul was accused of taking into the Temple?

    Paul is the most detailed person in the New Testament after Jesus, and that alleged act is what started the riot that got him arrested and sent to Rome at the end of the Acts of the Apostles. So yeah, it's a big deal and you probably would know it if you read it. What was that guy's name?

    Or if that's too hard, just recite the Beatitudes from memory.

    If you can do either of those, I'll give you credit!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In your question, you have a put together a perspective of why atheists are atheists.

    Personally, I think if there is a model of god that exists, and demands our worship....providing nothing more than the bible as proof...

    Those apples should be picked, sorted and set out for my consumption. Otherwise, god is hiding from me deliberately, and then threatening to punish me eternally if I don't find him.

    I don't at all mean to knock your faith here, and I'm sure you are dedicated and study your scriptures at great length.

    All I mean to do is show you a little more of what goes through my mind when you say these things.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The assumption is correct as far as my experience is concerned. I taught a bible study course for my church and was amazed at the ignorance of the bible of people that attended church faithfully every Sunday. My faith is not very strong; I would say that I am agnostic. I believe that it is agnostics like me, that are trying to obtain faith, that study the bible. Believers seem to take it for granted. You are correct, in that, it is important to have a method for studying the bible. I am not saying that some true believers do not study the bible - I am generalizing.

  • As a Christian, I still have to disagree with you.

    Why? Because it sounds like you are coming up with excuses for not reading it.

    I have met very few people who have actually read the whole Bible. "Searching" may be helpful at times, but it also leads to people finding only what they want to find. Plenty of Atheists on here "search" instead of read. In that way, they too find only what they want to hear.

  • 1 decade ago

    That's what good about going to mass. You hear select passages that can really relate to you.

    As long as you are a practicing Christian, you will hear enough scripture even if you don't regularly read the Bible.

  • 1 decade ago

    ...and your question was? Putting a question mark behind something does not make it a question.

    Most (not all) evangelical fundamentalists I encounter not only do not know the real meaning of the scriptures, but also clearly do not read the bible.

    Source(s): PhD Religion, minister, professor
  • 1 decade ago

    All those apples that fall to the ground seem like a waste to me at the expense of once person looking for an answer. If you need to explain the bible then you need a Quran.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't know, is it? The question seems to pertain to non-christians, then switches to being focused on christians. You can call bible study whatever you like. Just don't call it mandatory for people that give the bible less value then you.

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