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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleSkin & BodyTattoos · 1 decade ago

what could i add to this design to make it unique...?

i cant take it to my artist because he doesnt come up with design. you already need to have your design and then he'll do it. and please dont say that i should go to another artist then coz this guy is the best in my area and the only guy i trust.

i just want some ideas as to what i could add to make it unique.




btw, the tattoo would be on my wrist.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's cute :)

    You know how people get lines and swirls around tattoos? Maybe you could play with the idea of having a staff swirling out from the side of the tattoo? Maybe with a few notes on too if there's enough room.

    Here's a few examples I found. They're not tattoos but they illustrate what I mean :)

    A couple of stars would look good too, just surrounding it or flying off to one side. That's quite a common look but it doesn't make it any less pretty :)

    Both of these ideas would be able to wrap around your wrist like a bracelet, which could look pretty nice as well.

    If you have a favourite song that really means a lot to you, then you could also think about getting a lyric from that song to go around the tattoo. That would probably work for a bracelet idea as well if you wanted it to. You'd have to make it pretty short though because there isn't a lot of room to work with on the wrist and you don't want it to smudge together and become unreadable in a few years.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm assuming you're really into music, so maybe handright the word 'life' and place it under that symbol. Or do some sort or cool writing under it. If it's going to be on your wrist, keep it short.

    Other ideas could be the word 'true love'. If you're not liking the word idea, maybe put a few stars around it, stars are always a nice filler.

    I don't know, be creative.

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  • 4 years ago

    a colossal pirate send that has slides and rigging to climb, and swings striking in colossal port holes a sequence of tunnels to climb by way of with port holes and a ball pit at the deck at ground stage in order that they fall in, obv want ladders up the edges to get out i might cross on all day. what a laugh

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  • 1 decade ago

    well you could opt for something like the initial letter of your name in a tribal design...

    or you could get some ideas from the link below

    just choose something that has meaning to you & you can't go wrong.

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  • well some color and shading could help it maybe some little details of things you like could make it unique??

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