Hi, Please reply to this email to verify that you are the owner of the account that you referenced in your Facebook support inquiry. This security step must be completed before Facebook can respond to your inquiry. We apologize for any inconvenience. If this email address is not associated with your account, please reply to this email from an email address that is associated with your Facebook account, ensuring that this email is in your response (this may require you to copy and paste this text if your email client removes this email from your reply). Please also note that if you have created an account, and you're having trouble logging in, please do not create another account using a different email address. Doing so may also increase the time needed to resolve the issue. Thanks,The Facebook Team

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    這封信是客服在回應你的問題之前, 他們要確認你收到email的這個帳號是你的, 而且你所問的問題是有關這個帳號的. 在沒有確認之前, 他們不會回應你所詢問的問題.

    他們要你做的是, 回覆他們這封 email 告訴他們這是你的帳號沒錯. 而且要你把他們的這些英文信內容保留在你的回信裡面

    如果你的問題是問其他帳號, 也就是說如果被停用的帳號並不是你收到這封信的帳號, 那他們要你從那個帳號 (email) 回覆他們的信, 回信時要把上面那些英文信內容貼進去 email 裡面.

    他們叫你不要再用其他mail開新帳戶, 否則會拖延解決你問題的時間.

    假設你問的問題正是你收到email的這個帳號, 你的回信可以這樣寫:

    To whom it may concern:

    Thank you for the email. As you requested, I am writing to confirm that I am the owner of this account, and yes, my support inquiry is associated with this account.

    Please respond to my inquiry ASAP.

    Thank you!


    如果你收到email的這個帳號並不是你被停用的那個帳號, 你的回信可以這樣寫 (你要從你被停用的帳號發 email, 而且要把上面那些英文信內容貼進去 email 裡面)

    To whom it may concern:

    Thank you for the email. As you requested, I am writing to let you know that this is the email account my support inquiry is associated with.

    Please respond to my inquiry ASAP.

    Thank you!


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