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Should I join the Marine Corps?

I am a sophomore in college and have recently come to the realization that I hate it. I cannot stand to study something I have no interest in and am simply told I must do. I feel empty and as if I am simply going through the motions like every other college student does. I feel that a real world education is much more important in the big picture of life and have been considering joining the Marine Corps. I have always had a strong sense devotion to my country and feel that it is my duty to serve. Also, when I get out I can, if I so choose, finish my college education and the Corps will foot the bill. What do you think?

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    Joining the Marines wouldn't be a bad thing to do and in the greater picture it might help ya in a few areas of your own life as well. You are rite about going back into colledge later after the Marine Corps. and who knows you may also like it so much that you make the Marines a Carrier. Either way. The military its self can train you and point you in good JOb and the benefits are great. Plus you will get too see the world as well. I think in your situation it might just help ya. Good Luck and be strong in your Decission!

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    I am also a sophomore in college and was feeling the same way you are. To me, there are school people and there are people who can't do the normal schooling thing. I am the type who was never a school person and that's why I am going into the Army. I've always been smart and through high school and the first year of college I could do all the work that was put in front of me and excel at it if I wanted but I didn't feel like I was getting out of school what everyone else was. I started looking into the military as an option and right away I knew that it was the better option. I was never a meat head macho guy, in fact I'm a pretty big hippie, so I never thought I'd join.

    I think that the military is the perfect choice but I do think that you should look at all of the other branches before you enlist. i was going to enlist in the Navy but realized it wasn't what I wanted. Just make sure you don't join the Corps and after a few months end up hating it because it wasn't what you expected. Good luck with whatever you do.

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    Not exactly, if join means enlist. If you cannot stand to study a subject that you chose to take from hundreds of available choices, when the ultimate reason for taking the class is clear, a college degree, then you will be miserable as an enlisted Marine where you will have to do whatever mindless task is assigned by some corporal or sergeant, whom you will probably quickly "come to the realization" is nowhere near your intellectual equal, or face punitive consequences. If you then also "come to the realization" that you "cannot stand" enlisted life in the Marines, there won't be much you can do without really messing up your future by getting a less than honorable discharge and a significant percentage of enlistees end their military careers in this manner.

    If you want to serve as a Marine and your college has an Nrotc battalion or cross town school arrangements with an Nrotc battalion, consider joining the college program as a Marine Option Mid. If there is no opportunity to commission through Nrotc, consider the Plc, the Marines largest commissioning source:





    If you are in Nrotc or the Plc and training to be a Marine officer, your whole outlook on life will probably change. And with the Plc, if you successfully complete the requirements of the course and decide you do not want to accept a Lieutenant's commission offered on graduation from college, there is no further obligation to the Marines. In essence, it will have been a paid summer leadership internship.

    Good Luck!

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    Bro that's a personal struggle that you've got to settle on your own. My personal experience was that I joined directly out of high school. I did 5 years, extending for one after my 4 year contract ended. At that point I decided it was time for college, which I attended and graduated from with my BS in Psychology. At the time, the GI Bill was only @$28K so I had a pretty good size bill racked up. I researched my options and came into the Army, who paid off the rest of my student loans. I came into the Marines because I KNEW it's what I wanted to do more than anything else. You have to figure out what it is that YOU want and why you want it. Best of luck no matter what you choose, Semper Fi! EDIT: Sorry about the "bro" comment, I just noticed you're a young lady. My apologies. Also, one thing I did not mention but most assuredly meant to is the fact that I absolutely loved my time in the Corps and it's made me a better NCO in the Army as well.

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    You shouldn't do something you hate. Although, you should ask yourself why this is really so. I get the feeling that you just don't like your major. You could try finding another one that suits your interests.

    If you're really set in joining the Marines, you could consider becoming an officer through Navy ROTC. There should be ROTC programs at your university if it's a big enough school. You'll get better pay and will have chances to lead and serve your country.

    Life is hardly ever easy. You should think carefully before you suspend or terminate your studies and join the military. The ideal of "getting a real world education" will most likely not be exactly what you expect.

    Like other users have pointed out, simply quitting on something like your studies tells a bit about you. Ask yourself why you wouldn't just want to "quit" the Marines when you don't like what you're doing, not that you could really quit without consequences once you're in.

    Just think really hard about your options. While I respect the military, I don't think it's the end-all solution to everything. Joining in one capacity or another should be because you really want to and not because you want to get away from something in your life.

    Source(s): College student myself.
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    Do not join the Marine Corps because you hate college. If you just want a job then go work at Subway or something. Your life as a junior Enlisted Marine will consist of pretty much nothing but doing what you are "simply told you must do." You will probably hate it, the people you work with will get sick of your attitude, and then you'll end up getting an Admin Separation, or best case getting out at the end of your first term and being really bitter.

    Source(s): USMC 1991-2009
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    Everybody hates school. It's just something you have to deal with. You can join the corps as enlisted if you really want, but if you continue through college and earn a bachelors degree you will be eligible to become an officer in the USMC. An officer (2nd lieutenant through general) has a much higher pay grade than enlisted personnel and are probably also afforded more respect as they are in a higher position of authority.

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    Do it. I'm also a Sophomore in college, and I have been feeling exactly the same. The marines will be a difficult life, but I'm sure you will learn a lot and grow from the experience.

    My ex is a marine, and he told me: "Basically, the Marines strip down and destroy everything you are...but then they build you up into a better person, and you're stronger for it."

    Feeling stuck and going through the motions of college will not help you, and your grades will probably be affected by your lack of passion.

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    My daughter is a junior in high school and she seems to be faced with the same question. Should she join the Marines.

    It's a life-changing decision, regardless of who you are. I am a veteran of the Army. But this is my best suggestion to you. You will get out of the military what you put into it. It's not like school, but it requires discipline once you get to your permanent duty station. Sure in Basic Training and your Individual Training (for your job) they will tell you every move to make. When to get up, when to go to bed, when to eat, etc. But once that's done and you're a new soldier to a unit, you are expected to do all the responsible stuff on your own. Are you up for that?

    Frankly, all the branches of the service will offer you things to get you to choose them. Whether it be the job of your dreams, or money for signing on... except the Marines. The only thing you get from the Marines is the honor of being a Marine. That's the only promise that they make to you. You WILL deploy at least twice within your first two years. But that's the same as the other branches...

    I suggest that you think real hard on what you want for your future. Can you commit to four years in the service? You haven't committed to four years in school.... are you sure you can give that to our military? These are hard questions, but you'd better answer them in your heart before you make that leap into the void! It's not nearly as easy to get out as it is to get in once you're there!

    If you choose to join, I salute you! And I welcome you to the family of veterans, because once you do join, you will have a whole new family to count on.

    Once a Marine, always a Marine!

    Source(s): Personal opinion
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    Im a Marine, its awsome you want to join the corps, i understand how college is a pain in the @$$ im in college, im also in the Marine reserves, i have 2 problems with what you just said man,

    you said "I cannot stand to study something I have no interest in and am simply told I must do." welcome to the corps.. you will have to do crap that no human being would want to do,

    all im saying is you have to be damn sure your heads in the right place, so when you get to boot camp your not thinking to yourself, OH my God what did i get myself into,

    think reserves though dude you can come back and go to college and be in the marines, or if you still feel like it you can go active duty easy as that.

    hope this helped, Mike

    Source(s): USMC
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