My 7 week old starts daycare next week?

My baby will be 7 weeks old this Friday and will be starting daycare on Monday. What are some things I need to be prepared for and what things should I have there for him that I wouldn't normally think of? Any suggestions of what I can do, etc would be wonderful.


Eidz- Why would I not be worried?? I am putting my 7 week old in daycare for someone other than myself to care for him. Would you not be worried?

Sarah- I wouldn't put my child in just any daycare without looking into it. I wouldnt put him in ANY daycare if I did not have to go back to work!! Its not a choice!!

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    I worked in an infant room at 2 daycares. Neither daycare required you to bring sheets, because they did the laundry right there at the center, and supplied a set of sheets for each child. I would suggest bringing more than one outfit, when they are that young they tend to go through alot some days. At both the centers i worked at, we asked the parents to leave 2 bottles there and we just washed them, and then also bring in a can of formula. Each daycare is different, so they will tell you what to bring. Diapers and wipes. LABEL EVERYTHING! Bring a blanky that smells like you :) it's for security, but even if the center provides blankets, i suggest you bring your own. There is nothing like your own blanky!

    Other than that, i suggest a camera. It's nice to have pics of them growing with friends and your able to see what goes on when you aren't there. When they get a little older, a picure book is a great thing to have. Pics of mommy and daddy and siblings and pets, etc. If they get homesick they can go take a look at their picture book, and the teachers can assure them that you are coming to get them soon!

    I also agree with the other woman who said to make a daily schedule. Even if they don't ask, i personally would do it. Plus i know from experience that it's always great to have on hand in case you need it. List his/her feeding and sleep schedule, and some of their favorite things, how to soothe them best, whether or not they like to be swaddled, etc.

    Good luck, it will be MUCH harder on you than on you little one, but starting daycare this young is alot easier on the child now than later.

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    Extra time for you in the morning for the first week. Prep your bottles and diaper bag the night before. See what daycare will do for you. for example, mine provides bibs and crib sheets and launders her blanket for me several times a week. It's the little things that can slip you up and make you late-- like falling asleep without making bottles. Have you gone to hang out for a few hours with him yet? It's a good way to spend an afternoon and get comfortable with the staff and their routines. Some moms like to leave baby with something that smells like them. You could sleep with a small blankie for a few nights to give him that mom smell. And the first week is hard-- really hard. but you will get through it and it will get easier-- much.

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    Firstly, talk to your daycare provider. They will have been through this many times, and will be an excellent source of information.

    Secondly, find an all cotton sports bra or camisole to wear this weekend. I mean ALL this weekend. The cotton will soak up your scent, and he will find this comforting if they place it in his bassinette with him. (Two days is enough for your scent to really infuse the cotton without it being too funky)

    This might seem a little strange, but trust me- it works! I even spray a little of my perfume on my (now older) children's pillows to help them sleep through the night on their own.

    Good luck!

  • The best thing you can do is have a favorite blanket and or toy extra clothes diapers wipes. possibly a mobile for a crib or pack and play. It will be hard to drop your baby off it was very hard for me I left crying and called several times that day. Good luck hope this helped

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    Be prepared for tears on your end and to constantly be worrying about him. I couldn't have imagined having to take my son to daycare at that age! You have my sympathy.

    He'll need two sets of sheets(one for his crib and one extra), an extra change of clothing aside from what you pack in the diaper bag, diapers and wipes(obviously, unless the center provides them), and all his bottles and breast milk/formula. Make sure you do make up/pack a couple extra bottles in case you are running late to pick him up or he gets hungrier during the day.

    In the centers I worked at we also had feeding and sleeping schedules written by the parents for infants that young. Write one up just in case they ask for it.

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    it depends what the centre you have chosen provides, but nappies, bottles, formula. a couple of changes of clothes, they prob wont have bassinetts so if you have one of those cot safe things for newborns one of them. any comforters that your child may have. dummies

    its also sometimes a good idea if you write out your childs routine and update the staff when it changes.

    just remember you cab ring the centre whenever you want too to find out how your little one is going

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    Have food, drinks, and diapers.

    I think that is pretty much all she/he will need.

    The daycare people should take care of the rest.

    maybe you are just worried.

    calm down

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    I hope you checked into the background of this daycare.

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