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Is Reuters a reputable news organization?

I like news and reading stories especially politics. One thing I have done is blocked foxnews, msnbc, cnn, abcnews, bbcnews, and npr because they either lean left or right too often.

One thing I expect is from a news organization is cross checked info, minimal political leaning, and more credible reporting.

Does Reuters report politics from less bias perspective?


What news organization would you say is less biased or has minimal bias on the political side?

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    Reuters is a wire they basically report facts..and usually without explanation.

    I listen to all of the different networks and take from each whatever I can use as a jumping off point from which I then do my own research to get to the total truth. Oddly enough, most of them do tell at least a partial truth.

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    I was under the impression that they were more of a wire/aggregation service primarily for financial news, kinda like the Associated Press for general news.

    No news source is perfect, some of the validation has to be done on your end. You're better off checking a variety of sources. Fox is certainly too biased, MSNBC isn't great in that department either - but I wouldn't write off the BBC, NPR, ABC, and CNN.

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    I've noticed a definite Right-wing bias in their word choice and placement of information.

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    As an illuminati buff, you should know AP, Reuters are controlled by the illuminati.

    The best unbiased news is CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network)

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    drudgereport gets you the biggest stories from all sources the fastest, but includes stories leaning both directions.

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    no. they have been involved scandals on many occasions. for example, during the lebanon war when they were caught printing doctored photos of the conflict.

    here is a link on that one

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    yea but its definitely less entertaining than fox

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