What is the difference in a department store board and a pro board? I need to know?? My board is from Menards?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    haha menards!!! yahhhh!!!

    Department store brand boards are usually your run of the mill boards with nothing special about them

    average camber, average shape, average tech, average core

    these dont really provide a unique experince, and pretty much give you your money's worth

    by "pro boards" im assuming you mean special destributers like Bataleon (YEAH FOR IT!), Rome, Lib tech, etc....right?

    anyways these boards are more specific and tailor to fit the riding experience you want.

    for example:

    Bataleon (which i ride and love oh so much =P ; ) ) has a special patented base that allows you not to catch and edge and bail, but also allows you the most response (called Triple Base Tech). these specal bases are specific to the different types of board (for example, a directional board has a different Triple Base Tech design than a twin tip board)

    another example:

    Romes Reverse cambered "1985" board model line provides you with more flexibility and therefore better runs in the park

    now these types of specific boards do not come withou a downside.

    lib techs version of the rome 1985, the banana tech, has some difficulty cutting through the pow.

    anyways that just the tip of the iceberg. hope this interests you enough to get more into it!

    keep it real man!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Trust me, you get what you pay for with your gear. I should know, I rode a no name junk setup for a couple of seasons when I started (Board, boots and bindings) and decided to splash out on some decent gear (K2 board, Burton Bindings, Salomon boots).

    The difference is remarkable.

    Companies like Burton, Rome, K2 etc research the hell out of what they do best. This is why they are expensive. Some of the tech they have come up with is like researching performance cars.

    Your Menards board will just be a mass produced slab of glass made in the shape of a snowboard, with very little research behind it. Hey, it sends you down the hill, but it's the stuff in between that it will be miles behind the big name gear.

    Once you get past beginner level, a decent setup actually makes you a more confident and able rider. If you like boarding, and plan to do a bit of it, start researching the big names.

    https://global.burton.com/mens-snowboards/mens-boa... is a good place to start. Take a look at the red links on the info pages on any of those boards.

    Source(s): Owned a cheap setup, upgraded and noticed where that extra money went.
  • 4 years ago

    the two boards are professional fashions. chosen the only you like extra effective and the only which you're feeling maximum soft on. a professional type is a deck designed for/via a undeniable rider. a classic board jdoes no longer characteristic any rider.

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