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My dog has rocky mountain fever, is there any caution i should take when im near him?

I just found out my dog has rocky mountain fever maybe from a tick. I am giving him antibiotics i started giving it to him two weeks ago. I give him 2 in the mourning and 2 in the evening. Im will be out of the pills in 2 days, the vet said that the pills should help clear up the virus. But can i get infected? What can i do to prevent that? I walk him everyday so i have to have contact with him. After he takes all his anti bio-tics will all the viruses be gone?


So my dog cant get me infected even if he licks me or something, i can only get infected by the disease carrying tick?

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    It is a tick bourne disease so if a tick from the dog bites to you,it can infect you.Otherwise you can't be infected

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