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General Civil Attorneys in Ft. Myers, Florida?

I'm looking for a general civil attorney in the Naples/Ft. Myers/Bonita Springs Florida area... I'm also looking for one that offers Free Consultations and only charges you if you win your case.. I know there are a few in the area, but I'm having a hard time with my searching.. If I could get some tips, Practice/Attorney names or any other related info, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I did put the same question in the law area... I also put it here because this area is as close to specific to the area that I live in that I can get. The law area is too broad, and I thought I might increase my chances of getting an answer by posting here. =D

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    Go to the Florida Bar web site:

    & look for the "find a lawyer" link. That will lead to the Florida Bar lawyer referral service.

    You should know that there are only very limited kinds of cases that lawyers can or will take on a contingency basis.

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    Not a travel question. But if you put this in the Law section, you might get some answers. Or, try the yellow pages or a Yahoo search.

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