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Easiest question ever! Quick character names?

I've been writing a series of short fantasy (more like parody of fantasy) stories, but I don't like any of my character names!

Here's what I need (first names only):

Man, mid 40s

Man's son, (medieval fantasy equivalent of a nerd?) teens

maid, early 20s

Talking cat (lol don't ask. It's not as stupid as it sounds.)

Incredibly vain Knight, early 30s

Talentless wizard, 50s

and the country they live in!

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    Man, mid 40s: Vincent

    Man's son, (medieval fantasy equivalent of a nerd?) teens: Henry

    Maid, early 20s: Isabelle

    Talking cat: Toby

    Incredibly vain Knight, early 30s: Michael

    Talentless wizard, 50s: Stephen

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    This may not be very helpful, but If you just use names it won't be a big deal. I think one of the most annoying things in newer books (at least the ones I've been reading) is that a lot of people's names specify something about the character.

    People don't name their children based on meanings, or if they do their child doesn't become what the name means.

    I'd suggest Googling Baby Name dictionaries and using those to name your characters, that's what I do. Or, just sit down and write every name you know.

    Off the top of my head, though, Percy comes to mind for the man's son, and Jame's or William for the man.

    And, because I'm obsessed with the Beatles, my cats are named Max and Jude. Just find a name you like for animals, and call him that. It doesn't have to be an animal sounding name. However, I have found that if you put "Mr." in front of a name like "Bootkins" or some other stilly sounding name, then it sounds more like a kitty name.

    Good luck!

    BTW, here's a good site:

    Source(s): I write a lot lol
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    Man: William

    Son: Aaron or Eric

    Maid: Elizabeth

    Cat: Matthew

    Knight: Sir Wendell

    Wizard: John Henry

    Country: Traigan

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    Barnard :man mid 40s

    Alfred :mans son

    Carmen :maid

    Mr. Sophisticles :talking cat

    Nigel :knight

    Humphrey :talent less wizard

    Spalledga :country

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    edward:man mid 40s

    carlton or pointdexter(which ever you choose):mans son


    izzy:talking cat


    abel:talent less wizard


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    Zwanbartizonville lol

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  • guys -








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