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How long does it take for antibiotics to work?

I just got over a cold which turned into a respiratory infection. It's GROSS! I have been on Amoxicillan for 4 days and I keep bowing out/coughing up bloody, dark yellow, foul tasting mucus (great mental images huh?)

Additionally, today I saw my dentist and I have an abscessed tooth which needs to be pulled as soon as I am done with the Amoxicillan........................... but the infection isn't seeming to go away!

I'm a small person and it's dosed 500mg 3x per day. I missed a couple doses 2 days ago.

I'm paranoid that it might not take out the infection - and I am allergic to just about every other A/B out there, which is why I ONLY take antibiotics when absolutely necessary - I do not want to become resistant to the antibiotic.

Should it be taking this long????

Thank you SO much!


Fever went away the day I began the Amox.

I am aware that it is very important not to miss doses of antibiotics of the Penicillin variety - or any kind for that matter.

Coughing up this crap is hopefully a good sign, but

I also have an abscessed tooth which is being extracted as soon as the Amox is finished. IT still hurts!

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  • Desi
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    1 decade ago
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    The fact that your cough is productive (you're coughing it up) is a good thing, you're "getting rid of it."

    One usually starts to "feel" a bit better very soon after beginning a course of antibiotics but this doesn't mean the infection is gone. You must take the full course and take it properly to be completely effective or the infection will not completely go away and you'll relapse.

    Once you finish the treatment, (usual course is 14 days) see how you feel then. If you feel it's not completely gone by then, see your doctor again.

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    The purpose the dentist gave you antibiotics previous in your extraction is to wash the entire micro organism from your mouth to preclude headaches that might arise publish- extraction, and to break any feasible contamination that was once brewing among now and your appointment. Because you haven't had your tooth out as of but, the prescription he gave you was once preventative. Will he be prescribing antibiotics after your extraction? I will have to desire so, if he does not, I might be very concerned. You can have holes for your mouth, and if no longer sorted may end up in a significant contamination, to not point out a best deal of agony for you on best of the agony you'll already be feeling. He relatively will have to have advised you to maintain at the antibiotics till your appointment, the drawback with antibiotics is that this: folks frequently begin to suppose greater approximately forty eight hours after first establishing medication, so that they come to a decision they suppose well ample to give up. The factor is that despite the fact that you'll be feeling greater, probabilities are that the micro organism has no longer been fully eliminated, it would simply pass dormit. Now the following time you're infectious, that first antibiotic you took may not paintings, it has turn out to be drug resistant., because of this you progress to what is referred to as " moment elegance" of antibiotics. So well-nigh, what I am pronouncing in a nutshell is take your cure because the dentist has prescribed, and if you're no longer definite, talk in your pharmacist. Good Luck and I desire you do not suppose an excessive amount of agony!

  • 1 decade ago

    Missing doses on antibiotics can actually make you more resistant to them. I'm all for only taking antibiotics when necessary. But if you are taking them it's important to take them exactly as your doctor prescribed or they may not work right and will be less effective next time as the bacteria in your body becomes resistant.

    I would call your pharmacist and ask them what to do in that case. It's really important to finish your antibiotics- otherwise you've killed the easy to kill bacteria and left the strong stuff, which can cause your infection to become much worse.

  • well i understand that you are not allergic to Amoxicillin , but it may not be the best drug to treat your infection , it might be Ampicillin or any other drug , has your fever subside ?

    Anyway in general it is for you not to miss any dose because drug usually accumulate until it reaches its optimal dose in your blood and shows the desired affect .

    Get well soon

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